Wauseon plant to open Monday for 110-mpg car engines

June 4, 2009

Doug_PelmearDoug Pelmear has designed built and tested an internal combustion gas engine that gets 110 MPG!!! 


This is a real practical solution to GM and America’s car problems and our energy dependency and air pollution. 


Precision tolerances and manufacturing techniques allow for an internal combustion engine that is 4 TIMES MORE EFFICIENT. 


Do you think a government run GM will achieve this standard of quality? The industry that invented planned obsolescence and low quality just so they could sell more cars to pay the Union dues and inefficient production costs. They rival the government in inefficiency which is exactly why they went out of business.


So the government is going to now show them how to make a profit? The most unprofitable enterprise in the history of the world – the US government? It’s ridiculous. It is just a power grab by the socialists liberals and the New World Order global elite. Besides GM is moving its production to China. But somehow Obama has duped the Union by giving them shares in the new GM and robbing the pension fund to pay Chase and Citi in full while the rest of the creditors and shareholders and bondholders got zip. Don’t think he’s playing politics already with GM by closing dealerships associated with Republicans? Guess again. 



Article published May 30, 2009

Wauseon plant to open Monday for 110-mpg car engines




WAUSEON – The man who drove his 20-year-old Mustang from Napoleon, Ohio, to Las Vegas and back last year on 39 gallons of fuel will open his first manufacturing facility Monday to allow others to get 110 miles per gallon.


Doug Pelmear, owner of Horse Power Sales.net Inc. and Hp2G LLC, will hold an open house Monday morning in the idle 100,000-square-foot factory he has leased in Wauseon to begin manufacturing his revolutionary engine.


The factory, on the Fulton Industries Inc. campus in Wauseon, will be tooled to initially turn out 20 of Mr. Pelmear’s custom engines per day with one shift of 25 workers.


A Decatur, Ind., specialty car company, Revenge Designs Inc., has contracted with Mr. Pelmear to purchase 2,000 engines for use in a new vehicle it plans to unveil at the end of this year at the Los Angeles International Auto Show. The vehicle is to be called the Revenge Verde Super Car, which will use Mr. Pelmear’s 400-horsepower engine and its 500 foot-pounds of torque to travel up to 200 mph and get 110 mpg – though admittedly not at the same time.


“The engine is going to be a really great partnership with the car,” explained Emily Levault, a spokesman for Revenge Design. “The idea behind this was to give people what they want while putting people back in their jobs.”


Ms. Levault said the Verde will be introduced as both a left and right-hand drive, so that it can be marketed around the world. She said details of its pricing have not been released.

Mr. Pelmear has said that he employs more precise tolerances and manufacturing techniques to decrease heat and energy loss and increase the efficiency of the internal combustion engine. He said he has more than quadrupled the industry average engine efficiency of about 8 percent.


Mr. Pelmear’s company employs eight people, and he said he’ll “take resumes” on Monday, but won’t accept applications, for what would be his first shift of production workers. Depending on how the plant start-up goes, Mr. Pelmear said, “we’ll probably add another 25 over the next three months after that.” Mr. Pelmear did not say what workers will be paid.