Obama Police State now enforces belief in citizenship

March 19, 2009

“I think that when statesmen forsake their own private conscience for the sake of their public duties, they lead their country by a short route to chaos.” –Sir Thomas More

I found this posted over on Rense. Unbelievable really. This judge (and I use the term loosely) sics the US Marshall service on Jesse Merrel because he had the audacity to write the judge in question about his decision to throw out his case because it had already been ‘twittered’ and blogged about enough online. In this judge’s mind that suffices producing Obama’s vault copy of his faked birth certificate. This is justice in his twisted mind. It would be easier just to go to Mombasa and get the real one than it will be to get a US judge to even hear this case.

Oh, but we now have Obama’s buddy Odinga, who was illegally installed with the help of a sitting US Senator who illegally contributed to his campaign and interfered with a foreign election. It is against our Federal laws but do you hear the left complaining about that abuse of power?  Now Odinga won’t give anyone access to the Kenyan birth records. Do you think it is a coincidence that the election results were overturned by Odinga’s mobs who killed thousands of Kenyan Christians? Would Obama do this just so he could hide the truth about his birth? I think he would. I think he planned it that way because if a Kenyan birth certificate is ever produced it will blow a hole in his lie. He ain’t a ‘natural born’ citizen folks. He is lying and they are protecting him.

If Obama allowed  a few thousand Kenyans to die just to suppress the truth about his birth; how many more will he allowed to killed to keep it suppressed? I guess now we really have something to ‘twitter’ about. The enforcement of the New World Order by the Obama Police State. It is pathetic really that our half-witted judges can be bought so easily and cheaply. As Sir Thomas More said in A Man For All Seasons, “Why Richard, it profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world… but for Wales?”

Well Benjamin Franklin, there goes the Republic. 


Jesse H. Merrell, who lives on Garfield Street Northwest, tells Inside the Beltway that a pair of deputy U.S. marshals paid him a visit last Friday after he had written a letter to U.S. District Court Judge James Robertson regarding President Obama’s citizenship controversy.

Judge Robertson this month threw out a lawsuit questioning whether Mr. Obama was a native-born American citizen, and therefore qualified under the Constitution to be president.

The judge ruled that the eligibility question has been dragged through the mud long enough.

“The issue of the president’s citizenship was raised, vetted, blogged, texted, twittered, and otherwise massaged by America’s vigilant citizenry during Mr. Obama’s two-year-campaign for the presidency, but this plaintiff wants it resolved by a court,” Judge Robertson wrote when dismissing the case brought by Gregory Hollister, a retired Air Force colonel.

Mr. Merrell now reveals: “I was visited by two U.S. marshals … after I had written a letter to Judge Robertson for his rant threatening sanctions over lawyers who filed a suit challenging Obama’s right to be president over the ‘natural born’ citizen clause in the Constitution.

“I told them unless the First Amendment had been repealed, or they were going to arrest me, we had nothing to talk about.”

Mr. Merrell says one of the marshals cited “some obscure law which made it illegal to say anything that caused ’emotional distress’ to a federal judge.”


The much ballyhoo’d birth certificate in question.