Obama – the Monkey and the Organ Grinder

February 24, 2009

Obama is nothing more than a well trained monkey for the New World Order. He may sing and dance and try his little NLP Jedi mind tricks on the weak minded of the world – but they don’t work on me.

It takes some real courage to address the true nature of Obama. A quality that seems in short supply with our current crop of spineless politicians.

With the exception of people like Senator Shelby of Alabama and Alan Keyes no one has even dared mentioned this publicly. They are all so scared of being labeled a racist. 

The man is just a well educated monkey.  He is a pawn of the elite and the New World Order are playing the organ grinder for him. Period. Kissinger, Breszinski, Volker, Geitner, Larry Summers, the whole disgusting corrupt bunch of liars and thieves. The retreads of the failed policies of the 80’s, 90’s and 2000. 20 years of accumulated disastrous economic and trade and monetary policies.

Oh they say, “we all have to support him because he is the first black president.” Baloney! What a bunch of mindless nonsense. He is destroying America. He is not our president – he is our enemy!!!

He is not my president. He is an impostor! You want to know the State of the Union. It is disintegrating and Obama is leading the charge to completely destroy it.



“Never hold discussions with the monkey (that’s Obama) when the organ grinder (that’s his NWO handlers) is in the room.” -Winston Churchill


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