Coulter sides with CNN in Obama’s birth certificate propaganda war

July 27, 2009

OK…. what’s the matter with this picture? Ann Coulter sides with the CFR propaganda of CNN. Bizarre behaviour really. They really must be getting desperate to have her come out on their side. Is she now an expert on birth certificates? It would appear from her trite comments that she really knows nothing about it. People are starting to ask questions and I think the NWO is getting nervous. Coulter tries to claim that there are just a “few cranks out there” but there are many more than just a few  – and we are not cranks! She lies just like a liberal on CNN. A recent AOL poll cited 82% want to see the real birth certificate. Thats a whole lot of “cranks.” America is finally wising up to the fact that the “certification of live birth” in question posted on factcheck.obama does not answer the questions about his birth. It is the “certificate of live birth” that would answer our questions. He has already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawyer fees to prevent us from seeing it. Very Clintonesque. What are you hiding Obama?

Now most media nitwits including Ann Coulter are not aware of the critical difference between the two forms. Or perhaps they are but still continue to try to use the two interchangeably because they are intentionally trying to deceive us. The birth certificate posted on fraudcheck, even if it is real, does not prove he was born in Hawaii. It only proves he wants us to think he was born in Hawaii.

Media titans Rush Limbaugh and Lou Dobbs have both weighed in on the issue recently so obviously the story is not dead. CNN has been trying to run a new spin since Dobbs “came out” asking for some real verification. At first they had his understudy Kitty Pilgrim trying to shoot down the story and undermine Lou Dobbs. Then Jon Klein comes up with a story that CNN investigated it and found out Hawaiian officials no longer have the much sought after document because it was “lost” during the conversion to digital files in 2001. Another magic bullet to save face? Stay tuned for tomorrows headline: “CNN’s Keystone Cops Investigate Missing Birth Certificate.”

The Obama campaign brought out the digital “certification of live birth” during the campaign. Since then different experts in digital forensics confirm that this is in fact a photoshop fake. Who made the fake birth certificate and posted it online. What was their motive? The MSM has never even addressed these charges. When the questions won’t still go away they trot out a couple of state officials who claim they have seen the birth certificate. First of all, this is just heresay evidence as no one can even verify that they even looked at it. Even if they did look at it, that doesn’t prove anything. What were they looking at? Maybe it a fake too. What exactly are their credentials for examining it? Are they experts? Can they tell if its a forgery too? Now CNN comes out with this new story about lost records and they hope to finally make this a “dead story.”

In reality they are only creating more questions which WND has covered very well. If the birth certificate posted online put this issue to rest why do you need State officials to verify it? It the State officials answered all questions why is CNN even investigating a story that according to Klein is dead? And how can they look at something if it doesn’t exist anymore? Already WND is reporting that Hawaii officials contradict Klein’s claim that original records were destroyed. So much for those CNN investigators getting to the bottom of Obama’s birth certificate controversy. The reality is all they are doing is creating another layer of propaganda and even more questions.

Directly contradicting CNN chief Jon Klein – who ordered host Lou Dobbs to quit discussing President Obama’s birth certificate – the Hawaii Department of Health affirmed that no paper birth certificates were destroyed when the department moved to electronic record-keeping.
“I am not aware of any birth certificate records that have been destroyed by the department,” Janice Okubo, public information officer for the Hawaii DOH, told WND. “When the department went electronic in 2001, vital records, whether in paper form or any other form, [were] maintained. We don’t destroy records.”
Okubo affirmed that beginning in 2001, all vital records, including birth records, moved to electronic formats.
“Any records that we had in paper or any other form before 2001 are still in file within the department,” she insisted. “We have not destroyed any vital statistics records that we have.”

Now Hawaii State officials have tried once again to verify that Obama is a natural born US citizen. How could they do that if the original records don’t exist anymore. Oh, wait they do exist now. So was Jon Klein of CNN lying for Obama? Just making up stuff to protect the “chosen one?” Who were these CNN investigators anyway? Obviously they weren’t working for Lou Dobbs. It seems that they just can’t get the story straight. Of coarse Obama could just produce his real birth certificate and put an end to the whole controvery. But since it appears he was born in Kenya that will be very difficult for him to do. So what exactly are these records that the state has that verifies his birth in Hawaii? Perhaps they are still trying to recreate a forgery that will pass for the real thing. Has Ann Coulter or any other person that considers themselves able to comment on this looked into any or all of these questions? The only way that Ann Coulter could side with CNN on this is that she in fact is controlled by the same CFR propaganda influences that dominate both CNN and Fox News.

There also exists a recorded tape and video of Obama’s maternal grandmother saying he was born in Kenya. She said she was in the hospital when he was born. Has anybody in the media tried to interview her to verify this? Kenya under the rule of Odinga who Obama helped install has locked down the entire family to prevent any contact with the media and when Jerome Corsi went to Kenya he was arrested and deported for trying to investigate the story. Did Obama install Odinga just so he could prevent any investigation in Kenya? Now that is a conspiracy theory worth looking into.

The role of Fox News in the CFR controlled media today

I have suspected that Fox News plays the role of controlling conservatives by setting the agenda of what they will discuss. The end effect is that “conservatives” are led astray by Republicans pretending to be “conservatives.” They have tried to create an orthodoxy of conservative values that politicians pay lip service to. Anyone outside this fake orthodoxy is ridiculed as a “nut” or “conspiracy theorist.” Commentators like Coulter and many others play the role of dividing the republic along biased liberal and conservative lines. It creates an endless conflict which CFR politicians exploit for political purposes.

Apparently Fox News will not discuss or really investigate Obama’s birth certificate either. So they are they same as CNN. They a part of the CFR propaganda machine. They do not have Rupert Murdoch’s approval to really investigate. Murdoch is a corporate member of the CFR. Coulter, Hannity or O’Reilly will never discuss or investigate the CFR, the Trilaterals, the FED, the Bilderbergers or the New World Order. Most conservatives are still completely deceived by this aspect of the New World Order propaganda. They are there to control conservative, not destroy them. They want to keep them manageable. As the body of the horse is controlled by the bridle so do they control and steer conservatives. They were completely led astray with Bush as he systematically destroyed America pretending to be a “conservative.” Fox was at the forefront of the Bush Ra Ra club.

Ann Coulter is a CFR conservative. Another member of the elite pretending to be conservative. Her goal is to keep Republicans hating liberals. She is not interested in the truth or the constitutionality of Obama’s selection by the New World Order. All she wants to do is use it to keep Republicans hating liberals. They employed her mouth here because she influences the way a lot of conservatives think and since they are comprise a lot of the “cranks” that are out there they think she can head them off at the pass. What they failed to grasp is that she is losing a lot of credibility by weighing in against the very people that usually look to her for leadership. Having Obama in there right now screwing up the country is in her interest. That way she can blame the Democrats for all the errors of Bush. Partisan politics takes priority over national interest again. Can you imagine why any Republican in their right mind would not pursue this issue? McCain produced a birth certificate for a judge. You would think Coulter would demand the same thing for Obama. Why would she protect him?

Lou Dobbs, a so called liberal, does a far better of of reporting on the real issues that threaten America than anyone at Fox News including Coulter. It is a wonder that he is able to keep his job at CNN. I think that is why he has moved to a radio show as well. To protect himself in case they manage to get rid of him. I talk to many conservative that will not listen to him because they are so preoccupied with hating CNN. Ironic isn’t it. His News show is more in sync with their view of the world than Fox.

It is very revealing I think that liberals see right through Fox propaganda but don’t see the liberal version at CNN. Conservatives see right through liberal propaganda at CNN but don’t see it at Fox News. A recent study of partisan behaviour in politics by Emory University called Westen: Partisan brains can keep politics, facts separate, reveals the partisan nature of the mind and how it shuts down reasoning facilities in favour of “their” side winning. It is a fascinating study and I believe it explains the partisan phenomena I have just described.

Obviously in spite of the best efforts of the propaganda masters of CNN and Faux News – this story is not dead! The “birthers” are alive and well and this story will not go away. We want the truth and we deserve the truth. Instead of investigating the facts all the conservative propaganda meisters like Coulter at Fox can do is ridicule those of us that are not brain dead enough to be spoon fed their propaganda. There are serious questions here and they have not been answered yet. Coulter will have to come up with something more substantial than superficial elitist ridicule of the “birthers” to resolve the real issues of Obama’s lack of documentation. The most important issue of Obama’s birth certificate story is that the CFR controlled media are protecting him and assisting in his deception.

Ann Coulter: “Obama Birthers” are wrong