Obama and Giannoulias – “Happy Birthday, Mr. President!”

August 6, 2010

Michelle (let them eat cake) Obama goes jet setting to Spain and Barack Barry Obama Soetoro goes to Chicago to get a blow job from one of his old basketball buddies from the East Bank Club. Sounds to good to be true? Keep reading and I think you’ll find yourself agreeing with me. So I see this photo on Drudge and the first thing that strikes me is how gay these guys look – like one them has had the others guys dick in his mouth. So you can see it in their handshake and how close they are. Look in the eyes. It’s not an intimate look but you can see there is lot there that’s not being said. Looks to me like Alexi has been doing the sucking.

So I start to do a little research, investigating, googling – whatever you want to call it and I find out a little more about Alexi Giannoulias because I don’t know squat about the guy. So I’m reading the article at SourceWatch and I come across this little tidbit.

Obama and Giannoulias reportedly met on the basketball court “in the late 1990s … at the East Bank Club, a luxurious spot in downtown Chicago,”

So then I google “East Bank Club gay hangouts” and I find this site called “cruisinggays.com” and they list East Bank Club as number 16 on the gay gyms in the Chicago area. This is how they describe it:

Most guys connect in the steam room, which can be very active and take it to their sleeping room.

So it’s a well known gay hang out and pick up club where you can get a workout and a pick up game and whatever else you want. It’s ritzy place and its not a place your average gay guy can go though so that is why it is only #16 on their list. But apparently it’s not as elite as “Man Country” where apparently both Rahm and Obama were frequent fliers.

But Obama met his little gay Greek buddy at East Bank Club, also know as the ‘Sperm Bank Club’, and helped get him elected to the Illinois State Treasurer office. Now he’s helping to get him elected to the US Senate so he is certainly on the fast track. It pays to know who’s dick to suck in Chicago! Apparently Obama is very receptive to this kind of treatment and he returns handsome political dividends if you can keep your mouth shut – no pun intended.

Giannoulias is quite the little queen and at the ripe age of thirty-something is already involved in numerous corruption scandals which you can read about at SourceWatch, but we are talking about Chicago and we all know that Obama is the only clean politician to come out of Chicago – at least he hasn’t picked up any diseases that we know of – yet.

I learned quite a few things about the gay lifestyle I did not know. For instance now I know what “down low” really means in the gay black community. DLC was really code for the “Down Low Committee” and not Democratic Leadership Council at Trinity. Apparently the gay community knows all about Obama and his betrayal of them. They all know what he was doing at these gay clubs and at Trinity and playing basketball but the media is silent. Somehow the CFR controlled media hasn’t figured any of this out yet? Remarkable isn’t it. It took me all of 1/2 hour on the internet.

Apparently Michelle knows too and maybe thats why she went to Spain. To have some quality time with her own lesbian lover! So “Happy Birthday, Mr. President!”

JFK had Marilyn Monroe but Obama has Alexi.

Here a good link that covers a lot of this info very well.

SPECIAL REPORT: Obama and Emanuel: members of gay bath club in Chicago