Brown nosing Obama wants some BP ass to lick?

June 10, 2010

“We talk to these folks because they potentially have the best answers, so I know whose ass to kick.” -Obama

Wow did I hear that right? I think he really meant lick. Well our POTUS, the Supreme Chosen One, our Dear Leader has gone ghetto on us. Of coarse nothing about Obama is really ghetto, although he would like us to think so. I guess race baiter Spike Lee carries some real weight at the White, (now black) house tellin’ him he needs to “go off.” Obama is such a nave he thinks we’ll be impressed with his use of the common tongue – no pun intended. Like he’s so streetwise. He is just a self serving narcissistic prima donna that was raised on Ford foundation money.

I remember how he relished the use of the term “tea bagger” recently. He probably has some first hand experience licking that area of the human anatomy as well. Larry Sinclair seems to think so and his Boi Toy Kal Penn recently left his cozy little white house post. Obama on the rebound looking for some ass to lick. I wonder if Obama is gonna start using words like nigga, pimp and hoe to? Ah yes, the great contribution to society by rap – or is that crap?

Obama has had his head shoved up BP’s ass for quite some time but I can’t understand why he doesn’t know instinctively whose ass to lick? Does he really need a brief to figure that out? I am reminded of the popular phrase, don’t go there. Apparently nobody in Obama’s coterie has a clue. What should a president say? Look it up on wikipedia ya morons. What a bunch of dumb asses up there occupying the White House that think this is going to impress people.

Of coarse at a recent news conference, Obama passed on the (made up I think) story of his daughter asking, “Daddy did you plug the hole yet?” Seriously this guy has some real ass hole problems and I don’t mean hemorrhoids either. This remark at best was a gaffe and at worst , well I’ll leave that up to your incestuous imagination. I really don’t want to go there.

If you anal-yze, no pun intended his comment, its ridiculous, disregarding the fact that this pussy could’t lick (kick) a midgets ass. “We talk to these folks because they potentially have the best answers” OK ,I guess he means BP (butt plug). What actions that they have taken over the last 6 weeks would lead you to the conclusion that they have the best answers?  Then he follows it up with, “so I know whose ass to kick.” What does that even mean? At first he trying to say that they are the experts and then he says he listening so he’ll know whose ass to kick. It’s a disjointed statement that makes no sense at all. It does reveal how fucked up his mind really is.

I think he missed out on some his programming while he was in college.

Here is a picture of tough guy Obama at a fight. Not looking so tough now is he.

This video is pretty funny.

Since I’m on the subject of asses here another good one.