Picture of naked Tamerlane Tsarnaev arrested and alive in Boston police car

Tamerlane arrested alive

Tamerlane arrested alive

Here is a screen shot from a video on YouTube showing Tamerlane being put into a police car alive. There is also a witness that was interviewed that says she saw them run over him with an SUV and then shoot him. The FBI tried to say he was run over by his brother. So it appears to me that DHS, FDI, ATF and the Boston police are just a bunch of liars and murderers. And that includes the Israelis involved in this false flag operation as well. They captured him alive and then they killed him.

His aunt has declared that she is 100% certain that is him in the video. It certainly looks like the same guy to me. The cops are silent about who this was. At what point are people going to realize they can’t be trusted anymore?

His brother Dzhokar managed to escape and later when they finally found him they tried to kill him in an all out Turkey shoot at the boat he was hiding in. There is no proof he fired at them or threw grenades as was reported in the news. There is no indication he even had a weapon. This video shows the police opening fire in an attempt to murder him. Police video shows him lying in the boat and not moving as they shoot flashbangs at him. I think they thought he was dead. I guess they are really poor shots. The kid was tougher than they anticipated.

He has a future of drugs, heavy sedation and mind control to contend with now as he is in the care of MOSSAD operative’s in Beth Israel hospital.

This is Obama’s new Zionist police state. Trial by media accusation and execution by SWAT goons. Soon they will employ theri killer drones. Bush started this crap but Obama is putting the finishing touches on the police state run by the Zionist DHS KGB. Think Israel is our friend? Think again.

But this story is absurd right from the start. The FBI releases their photos and asks the public to help them find these suspects. Turns out the FBI knew exactly who they were and had been in contact with the elder brother for at least 5 years. So they knew who they were and they set them up for a public manhunt and execution Chris Dorner style. Tag and bag ’em. They lied to the American people so they could kill their patsies. I suspect the police made up the murder and carjacking stories to justify the “lockdown” and “manhunt.”

I don’t personally believe either of these two had anything to do with the bombings. I do think they got sucked into a setup or trap where they thought they were assisting the FBI in the bomb drill they were having right were the first bomb went off. I can’t prove anything at this point accept that the FBi is lying. Which I have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt in any reasonable person’s mind. That being said there is much more evidence of their complicity and lying that is available at other fine truth centered reporters on the Internet.

I thought two points were very telling about Dzhokar. The first is his tweet a few hours after the bombing.I don’t believe this a communication from some heartless terrorist that just hurt innocent people. It shows me he cares and he knows something but he wants people to be safe.

Stay safe people

The second is this facebook posting. It really speaks for itself and there is little I can add to it. He says he was setup. He is sorry. He says he never done it. Now they are saying in the news he admitted it before he was read his miranda rights. Well all they have done is lie and murder people so far. They have no credibility. He has more credibility that the police does.


last facebook posting

last facebook posting

I will post one last photo which shows how the media assists our lying government in their lies. This collage contains a hand drawn pictures of the shoot out at the boat. Except there was no shootout at the boat. They tried to shoot him. But they feel the need to embellish it with some hand drawn artwork of their fanciful tales. The police video shows him lying in the boat. It does not show him shooting at them at all. And if you watch the video I linked it would be impossible to return any kind of fire under that hail of lead.



The conclusion of this made for TV reality show was the idiots in Boston getting out on the streets and celebrating their emancipation from the enslavement by the police state. Waving their false flags at their captures in a traumatized release of a Stockholm syndrome. Brainwash experts call it trauma based mind control. What a pathetic state of affairs America is in for. This is just the beginning – not the end. I said Obama would destroy America and he is.

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