Obama, Do You Know Right From Wrong?

“Murder most foul” – Hamlet

The other night Dear Leader Obama goes on Leno and states, “Not a single U.S. troop was on the ground,” he said. “Not a single U.S. troop was killed or injured, and that, I think, is a recipe for success in the future.” Yes and Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

So let me see if I have this right. We are fighting a War on (or of) Terror against Islamic fundamentalists. Some say they are greatest threat to our freedom on earth. We are killing Islamic fundamentalists in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Yemen and any place else the Global Hawk can reach. No trial or evidence needed, just summary execution by the invisible hand of American justice. Bush said, “we will bring them to justice”, which apparently means an Air Force computer operator in Reno, Nevada presses a kill button. In the process we’ve made war and destroyed the infrastructure of three sovereign countries and killed millions of innocent people and we call it “liberation.”

In 2003 the west welcomed Moammar with open arms. At last Gaddafi thought he had some help from the west as he had been fighting Islamic fundamentalists since the early ’90s. Condaleeza Rice visited him, Sarkozy borrowed millions from Moammar to win his election, Tony Blair was his favorite go to guy in the UK – up to his neck in oil deals – for no personal gain of coarse. He thought of Obama as his African son. Now in 2011 he is again the bad man of the world. He was “Saddamized” by the western media as they did their best to portray him as a “brutal dictator.” Apparently that is the new code word for a legal media lynching.

We armed, financed and trained the Islamic fundamentalists in Benghazi and Misrata that Gaddafi was fighting. They start an uprising and foment armed rebellion that we call a “democratic awakening” and John McCain embraces them as “my heroes.” They are now called rebels by the west – the same fighters that killed US soldiers in Iraq. They are in effect NATO ground troops now. LIFG (Libyan Islamic Fighter Group) terrorists have been transformed into freedom fighters and patriots that liberate their country from the “brutal dictator” – Moammar Gaddafi. They leave a bloody trail of executions and looting from Benghazi to Sirte that is easy to follow. Beheading their live victims is still the favorite form of ritual murder and they take a particular interest in killing blacks. Apparently they do this to glorify God – McCain’s heroes.

By what magic has this transformation occurred? How did Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain transform yesterdays blood thirsty terrorists, worthy of summary execution in some other country into today’s heros of liberation in Libya? Are these terrorists our new allies in the War of Terror? I’m genuinely confused. If my friends and I in the US decide to overthrow the real criminal cabal in Washington and on Wall St. – will we be embraced as “heroes and liberators?” If we drag the FED and Wall St. bankers through the street and beat them and then kill them – will we be heroes? In one country they are a terrorist and in another they are the new heroes of democracy. If American patriots really take our country back from the corporations, will we be patriots or terrorists? Will we be embraced as heroes or will they call on NATO – to chastise us? Will they bomb us back to the Stone age and call it “saving civilian lives” and liberation? Will they use Blackwater “mercs” to silence us for good? Will they send in black ops and special forces from the SAS and Qatar to track us down and coordinate air strikes? Will they even bother with a UN resolution or will they just go for it?

Gaddafi was confused by this too. He trusted the west, turned over his WMD’s to Bush, delayed upgrading his missile air defense system and long range weapons. He was a man of peace. The leaders of the west that had embraced him as a friend and ally were again trying to kill him – just like Reagan did. Beware western friends bearing gifts. Does anybody else in the west see this utter hypocrisy? Do you think the west might be after the spoils of war? The black oil, the precious blue water of the Sahara, the 144 tons of gold. Do you think that influenced their decision to “liberate” and “protect” Libyan civilians from a “brutal dictator?” To change the very definition of who a terrorist is. This is how America earns new international respect again? This is the action of a Nobel Peace Prize winner – Obama?

McCain’s “heroes” beat a wounded Moammar Gaddafi, sodomized him with some sort of stick and then shot him in the head like a pack of blood thirsty dogs. Moammar’s last recorded words to the “NATO rats” were, “Do you know right from wrong?” I would address the same question to people in the so called free west.  They do not seem to know right from wrong anymore. Many seem to enjoy this macabre spectacle of betrayal and butchery – especially Hillary and Huma. They justify it because they say Moammar was a “brutal dictator” and he deserved it. I did not see Moammar’s brutality here. I saw the brutality of America, the UK, France, NATO and the terrorist rats they used to kill Gaddafi. Libya is a testament to the west’s deception, brutality, treachery and moral corruption and soon it will be a testament to their thievery as they eye the 200 billion of sovereign wealth funds Libya had invested around the world. What has happened to the free west? They do not seem to know the difference between right and wrong anymore. In his final moments, it appears Moammar Gaddafi did. It appears to me that our leaders are the real brutal murderers and terrorists.

With friends like this who needs enemies?

Hilary shares a smile with Huma. She is elated at the news of Gaddafi's death.

Do you think the Rothschild bankers had anything to do with liberating Libya?

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