Obama kills Osama – the CIA made boogie man

Nice to hear our Nobel Peace Prize winner finally killed the big CIA boogie man Osama. Since Osama has been dead for years, I wonder why the best CIA asset ever is being announced as dead now at 10:30PM on a Sunday night? You couldn’t wait until tomorrow? I suspect that this is another desperate propaganda attempt to get the American people to rally behind this fraud.

What a friggin’ joke. Who is so dumb as to still be jerked around by this bullshit? This is about as convincing as his last forged birth certificate.

This is suppose to be pic of Obama’s mentor – Zbignew Brzezinski with Osama. Not sure if it is Osama but it might as well be. He was a CIA asset and part of Zbig’s plan to destabilize Afghanistan and the Middle East with Islamic fundamentalism which began in the late 1970’s. They are at it again in Libya, where Gaddafi is the new Saddam and we are now supporting the same Al Qaeda fanatic terrorists that were killing US troops in Iraq a few years ago.

Al Qaeda comes from a CIA term the base, which refers to all their fundamentalist moron MK ultra brainwashed assets. It literally refers to the data base of all these nuts. From this they built the core of their fledgling “terrorist” movement. This culminated with 9/11 and became their excuse for imposing a Zionist police state on America. A CIA MOSSAD Zionist plan. Murdering Americans as an excuse to terrorize Americans and create a police state. Who is the real boogie man here? Osama or Obama?

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