Obama’s ‘New’ Birth Certificate has layers?

April 27, 2011

I haven’t written anything about this dirtbag for a while. To be frank he makes me sick. I get even sicker thinking about how many people still get fooled by him. Here is I think, perhaps the best example of what a liar he is. This new long form birth certificate is suppose to answer the questions about his birth. The main problem is that it appears to be a complete fraud. Why? Because it has layers. If you open the PDF document in Adobe Illustrator you will find that it has 10 layers or groups. The only reason these are there is because the document was created. There is no way these can be created by accident. The only reason to have layers is to compose a document from parts or different elements.

I was not the first to discover this. I saw a link on Drudge and somebody on YouTube had already posted a video showing the layers. It means it is a complete fraud. It means it was constructed by people trying to make us think it is a real long form. Somebody forgot to flatten the image before they made the PDF. It is a fundamental error. Flattening the image removes the layers. There are quite a few other problems with the new long form – but this is all you need to know. It is another fraud and Obama is lying once again.

I have loaded screen shots of the different layers so you can see how the document was constructed. The first two layers appear to be empty. After that there are 8 different elements that were used to construct the document. It quite easy to see how and why they were used. Different fonts and type. His mother’s (was she even his mother?) signature was composed and edited to fit on the document. One line of type seems to have been altered just to make it not look so perfect – like it was really typed on a typewriter.

There are only two ways to get an document into a digital format. Either it has to be scanned or you have to take a digital photo. A scan is better as you get a file that is an exact replicate of the original. Taking photos you have lighting and perspective issues. There is no reason to import it into Illustrator. If I had scanned this I would import it into Photoshop, do any needed color corrections and export it as s PDF. End of story. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO NEED TO IMPORT THIS INTO ILLUSTRATOR. Unless your cutting and pasting and creating a document digitally. But that is fraudulent or normal for Obama.

The following screen shots show the different layers. If you look on the right where the layers are you can see a small eye. When that is turned off the layer is turned off and you can see information disappear from the document. The first three are just showing how to expand the layers palette.

I’m waiting to see if the White House changes the document. They may try to flatten it and replace it. Since the PDF is downloaded from the .gov website there is no way somebody else could do these alterations or edits. The only way is for someone in Obama’s administration. It would be possible for someone to intentionally do this. A saboteur in the Obama Administration. Maybe a CIA agent that got tired of lying for Obama. I’m just guessing that if someone on the inside wanted to expose Obama – this is how you would do it.