Dog and Lover Fly In Own Jet to “His Gayness” Obama

Reggie’s the best athlete I know – Obama

The rumors of Obama’s gayness abound, but the press is muzzled by the CFR like a trained lapdog. The Globe however ran an article recently about Donald Young, one of Obama’s alleged “gay lovers”, who was found murdered in Chicago. He was a gay choir director at the now infamous Trinity Church and reputedly a friend of Obama’s. Young’s mother thinks he was killed to protect Obama’s secret gay life during the campaign. This was reported by Larry Sinclair during the campaign. The media choose to bury the story.

An article ran recently linking Obama and Rahm to a gay bathhouse in Chicago.  Obama Member of Chicago Gay Man’s Club. Rub a dub dub – the Chicago way.

And here’s another story about Obama “His Gayness” frolicking in a well known North Carolina gay club. He might have met his “personal assistant” Reggie Love there, the former “tight end” from Duke who Obama originally hired  to work in his Senate mail room.

Then we have the story about Kal Penn, the open bisexual, who worked for Obama at the White House and the mysterious circumstances after he left his “post.” Another Boy Toy bites the dust? Perhaps he lost out in the power struggle with the “alleged” gay personal servant, “Reggie Love.” At any rate those with experience in this area say he’s gay. So the only real question left is he really Obama’s – you know, personal servant that takes care of all of his personal needs?

I think the most interesting story is that the man who Obama called “his mentor”, and some identify as his real father, was gay as well. That of coarse would be the famous commie, druggie and pornographer, Frank Marshall Davis. He was reputed to be a pedophile as well. Out of that comes the really twisted possibility that Obama was molested by Frank. Even I am am sorry to have to bring that up, as it is truly a distasteful subject. But it is a fact that many “gay men” were molested as young boys. It is even more twisted to be molested by your own father. Of coarse that is a hypothetical but since he hung out with “Frank” there is a good possibility he was introduced to the gay lifestyle by “Frank.”

And last but not least is Larry Sinclair’s story of how he did drugs and had Limo sex with Obama when he was an Illinois State Senator. The media has refused to report his story for the most part although they all know exactly who he is.

So there is a lot of info out there that the media is not reporting about Obama, “His Gayness.”Interesting isn’t it? I thought I’d try to link it all up into one post.

I have to say that little dog looks gay too.

“We’re ready. We’re going to do it all,” (Reggie) Love said with a big smile.

Obama's Dog and Lover Fly In Own Jet As Rome burned, Emperor Nero played the fiddle. As of 4:43 am, west coast time, Sunday, July 18, 2010, the U.S. national debt was $13,204,759,696,170 and increasing by the second. Debt per citizen was $42,628 and increasing by the second. Debt per taxpayer was $119,360 and increasing by the second. But Obama and family flew to Bar Harbor, Maine, for their THIRD vacation since the BP Deepwater Horizon oil well exploded on April 20. Arriving at the … Read More

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One Response to Dog and Lover Fly In Own Jet to “His Gayness” Obama

  1. surlycurmudgen says:

    How is it that people are failing to see the obvious, Michell is Obama’s beard? That nearly leaps out in clear view. It is not necessary to add that he visited a gay men’s club in Chicago with Rahm quit often.

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