Obama’s “Top Kill” and “Junk Shot” fail to stop oil gusher in Gulf

“And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood….And a third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life died …..” -Revelations 8:8-9

Experts Puzzled at Red Gulf Oil Slick – This occurrence is highly unusual

A little humor for a disaster of epic biblical proportion.

How to plug a big oil well.

Not a bad idea…….

Unfortunately and despite all the propaganda from the White House, BP and much of the media the recent attempts of “top kill” and “junk shot” failed. Who thinks of these names anyway? The NY Times is now reporting what many people already knew:

HOUSTON — BP engineers failed again to plug the gushing oil well on Saturday, a technician working on the project said, representing yet another setback in a series of unsuccessful procedures the company has tried a mile under the sea to stem the flow spreading into the Gulf of Mexico.

You can watch the live feed of the leak on CNN.

Many people on the internet saw the thing blow up again yesterday afternoon. Most felt it was a sign of failure within the damaged BOP and casing itself. While BP is not admitting failure they have already started the next attempt which will involve taking the BOP from one of two relief wells being drilled and trying to cut the pipe and place it on top of the failed BOP on top of the troublesome Macondo well, now known as the “well from hell” by some industry experts.

This site has some photos of the explosion that occurred yesterday. These explosions resulted from the increased pressure in the BOP. This was the concern of many experts that felt this would not work.

Did you know that BP and Goldman Sachs own the company producing the Corexit dispersant that is four time more toxic than the oil itself?

BP and Goldman Sachs own the dispersant company being used in the Gulf

Just how dangerous is Corexit 9500?

Corexit 9500 with ethylene oxide? * “As stated in MSDS, once it had one, Corexit 9500 can cause central nervous system depression, nausea, and unconsciousness. It can cause liver, kidney damage, and red blood cell hemolysis with repeated or prolonged exposure through inhalation or ingestion according to the MSDS. The threat to human health via exposure is characterized as ‘MODERATE’.” uspoly.com/dispersit
Corexit tested by VECO’s NORCON union workers – volunteers…even women (reproductive damage possible – men & women) *

“The Corexit 9500 * is the primary chemical stockpiled in Alaska. Unfortunately there are still plans to use this.”

But Obama says he is in charge… of the attempt to destroy the Gulf of Mexico and America’s oil industry? Our manchurian president.

At first BP and White House said the well was not leaking.
Then they said it was leaking 1000 barrels a day.
Then they said it was leaking 5000 a day.
Then they said they were capturing 40% of than.
Then they said it was only 20%.
At what point do they become liars? Experts have estimated that the amount could be as high as 50,000 barrels a day…….

Oil Experts Multiple Leaks 210000 gallons a day

If Obama wants to save the Gulf then why this decision? He says he is in charge? Why would he turn down assistance from other countries? To me this is a criminal negligence.

17 Countries Offer Gulf Assistance, BP Accepts Only 2 Offers

This is what one expert with experience in putting out wells in Kuwait asserts. Did Obama make the decision not to listen to him?


Some people think that this was not just an accident. I’m one of them.

Was Gulf Oil Spill an Inside Job?

Very good article I think. Some deep connections to consider. One thing not mentioned in this article was that the rig was inspected by the MMS 2 hours before the explosion. Another interesting thing the alliance between Cheney and Obama through corporate connections. You know the supposed political enemies (WWE style politics). Did you know Obama received the most amount of money from BP of all politicians? As 9/11 now appears to me have been an inside job so does this event. And there is Halliburton right in the middle. I wonder how difficult to would be to plant an underwater demolition in the cement casing that Haliburton poured 20 hours before the explosion?

This is another good one here.

Gulf oil gusher conspiracy cover-up

Here are some examples of how BP money influences Obama. This clown has the audacity to blame the cozy relationship between Big Oil and federal agencies that are suppose to monitor them on Bush. He is the one that received more money from BP than any other politician. Obama made these decisions. We know Bush and Cheney were corrupt. We also know Obama is as well. Obama is an employee of BP. He is the PR guy they hired to cover their ass.

U.S. exempted BP’s Gulf of Mexico drilling from environmental impact study

Gulf spill will forever change drilling-BP exec | Reuters

More evidence of BP and MMS complicity:
Gulf oil spill compounded by BP’s control of “cleanup”

The Mineral Management Service (MMS), the federal agency tasked with overseeing the nation’s offshore drilling industry, has also refused media requests that it release documents related to its inspections of the Deepwater Horizon. Soon after the explosion, the MMS declared that there were no violations found on the rig in a series of 26 government inspections.
CBS News reports that when it “asked to see those inspection reports on April 29th it took the agency a week and a half to decide that the public records could not be released because they were ‘considered part of an ongoing investigation.’” An MMS spokesperson told CBS that the agency must first, “scrutinize these documents very carefully to ensure they meet legal standards for release.” The MMS did not explain why, if the inspections revealed no violations, they would threaten an ongoing investigation or challenge “legal standards.”

I think this is their motive……. reviving Cap and Trade and the global warming scam. Obama and BP and all his corrupt buddies from Chicago are invested the the carbon trading scam called Cap and Trade. I think their goal is to limit the amount of oil and artificially keep the price high.

Gulf oil spill: firms ignored warning signs before blast, inquiry hears

While the committee accused the oil industry of failing to anticipate the dangers of offshore drilling, senators John Kerry and Joe Lieberman unveiled a climate and energy bill that for the first time will put a price on carbon and require American cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.

Kerry said he believed the oil spill would give impetus to the American Power Act. “This a bill for energy independence after a devastating oil spill, a bill to hold polluters accountable, a bill for billions of dollars to create the next generation of jobs and a bill to end America’s addiction to foreign oil.”

But after eight months of careful courtship of industry and political opposition, the bill has no Republican backers after Senator Lindsey Graham, a co-author, withdrew his support last month and the immediate response from industry groups and mainstream environmental groups was guarded.

Passage of the law is seen as crucial to a global deal on climate change. The 987-page bill was carefully positioned to secure support from industry and moderate Republicans, making the final product far weaker than environmental organisations wanted

Yea I know its a lot of info but this is the information age. I got tired of not understanding what was going on down there so I researched some sites that have a lot of good technical info on underwater drilling. Here are some ones I found that helped explain all the technical jargon I was hearing. I didn’t even know what a riser was. You may not want to read all this stuff but if you do -here it is. You will end up knowing more than Obama for sure.

Transocean Deepwater Horizon Explosion-A Discussion of What Actually Happened?

Transocean Deepwater Horizon Explosion

A Drop of Rain » Deepwater Horizon – A Possible History of the Leak

Deepwater Horizon – Transocean Oil Rig Fire

Here is a very good PDF and report of what happened there for everything thing to go wrong at once. Personally I find it hard to believe so many things could go wrong. That is why I suspect sabotage of the entire safety system.


Well Obama……. the oil is still leaking.

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