Has the Tea Party movement been hijacked by Fox News?

58107471It would appear that it has. Glenn Beck poses as America’s new saviour as he begs for prayers to “protect him”. It is a rather clever ruse, constantly attacking Obama while omitting “the more weighty matters of the law.” Posing as a conservative and an independent as he carefully orchestrates the opposition to big government and the real conservative agenda. They pretend to set the standard for conservatives and anybody that is outside of their orthodoxy is labeled an extremist paranoid or a nut – “a crazy.” Meanwhile they overlook the New World Order and the manipulation of America by the corporate special interest power mongers at the CFR.

Their modus operandi seems to be to direct attention away from the power behind Obama and Bush and direct it at other targets – like the mainstream media or Obama or the never ending liberal democrats. Beck’s favorite target is Obama’s nut bag collection of “radical czars.” It is purely diversionary. If he went after the CFR then I might think he was sincere. How can he not know about the CFR or the Bilderbergers?

Rupert Murdoch (CFR member) founded Fox News in the early ’90’s. After the big set back in 1994 when the Republicans took over the House it really took off. It looks to me like a very skillful propaganda operation that is designed to hinder the conservative movement from getting to the real truth about who controls America. Newt Gingrich is really not a conservative? Shocking news to most Fox watchers. But it was Gingrich that was instrumental in passing NAFTA which was the formal beginning of the destruction of America’s industry by exporting our industry and importing illegal aliens to undermine our standard of wages and life.

Yea, I bought his book in 1995……. but I’m over it. I don’t trust any of them now. He was diddling the help while he attacked Bill Clinton about “family values.”

Fox News, fair and balanced? We report, you decide? It’s more like “we report on what we want you to decide.” I find it ironic that liberals think CNN is fair and balanced but Fox News is biased and Conservatives think Fox News is fair and balanced but CNN is biased. “Remove the beam from thine own eye first.”

This was posted at infowars and shows exactly what I’m talking about.

Fox News Inspired Protesters Locked in Voodoo Trance

Kurt Nimmo
October 18, 2009
It’s another pitiful example revealing that the Tea Party movement is being played. Drew Zahn, reporting for WorldNetDaily, covers protesters around the country this past weekend “challenging the mainstream media to drop a perceived news bias and give fair coverage to the growing movement against Obama administration policies.”

Supporters of Fox News and Glenn Beck’s 9-12 movement accused the media in general of biased reporting on Big Government issues like health care reform and stimulus spending, according to Zahn. They carried signs reading “State Run Media,” “Take the Left From Your Slant,” and “Journalism Malpractice – Just Report the Facts.”
They went after CNN, ABC, MSNBC, local news media and newspapers. Fox News was not included in the protest.
Infowars and Prison Planet have noted on numerous occasions that CNN is a branch office of the Pentagon and the Pentagon is hardly a liberal or leftist organization. The death merchant General Electric owns NBC. GE and Microsoft, the software corporation founded by the eugenicist Bill Gates, jointly own MSNBC. Mega-transnational corporation Westinghouse — also dedicated to the death merchant business — owns CBS. ABC, owned by Disney, gave $640,000 to the neocons and Bush election campaign.
Large transnational corporations are not liberal or leftist and do not subscribe to socialism or Marxism, as the protesters claim. However, they do subscribe to big government, so long as they are part of the arrangement.
Obamacare is not about socialism. It’s about mega-corporations gaining market share at gunpoint. The Baucus version of Obamacare was written by a senior aide, Liz Fowler, a former VP for Public Policy and External Affairs at WellPoint, a health insurance company which is the largest member of Blue Cross and Blue Shield.
According to Rep. Dennis Kucinich from Ohio, the uproar over private versus public health insurance options is really a ruse to cover up a proposal for taxpayer-funded subsidies that will be paid to the billion-dollar private insurance industry.
It would seem the protesters are locked in a Fox News generated voodoo trance. Obama administration policies are not significantly different than those of the Bush administration. Goldman Sachs and the banksters controlled the Bush administration the same way they now control the Obama administration.

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