Hillary Clinton – Secretary or Bitch of State?

Hillary gives us the new definition of undiplomatic. What a bitch! This is the new face of American foreign policy? It has to the the most undiplomatic moment in American foreign policy. Obviously she really hates Bill for stealing her thunder in North Korea…….. or maybe it is just her time of the month. There are urban legends of her being a real bitch but she usually has enough self control not to reveal it in public. Obama should fire her but she probably has a copy of his Kenyan birth certificate and they both have enough dirt on each other to keep them co-operating.

So why did Hilary wrangle a job as Sec. of State anyway? What are she and Bill getting out of the deal? Maybe its just easier for them to raise dirty money than flying drugs into Mena. What I find truly amazing is that their are still people out there gullible enough to believe both Hillary, Obama…… and George Bush!

Lost in translation:

The funniest part about the outburst is that the question was a mistranslation. The student was actually asking what Obama thought about it, not Bill… Pretty funny really!

Obviously Hillary has some real issues with Bill.

And here she is showing that she can boogie down while in Kenya.

Since I’m raggin’ on Hilary today here is another good one of her farting…..

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