Obama invents a new Apollo 11 story – involving his ego

Obama rewrites his own history so he can impose his “experience”  on the anniversary of event. Yea, the only problem is that he was living in Indonesia at the time attending a Mosque as a Muslim. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Are we to suppose that this is how Bill Ayers ghost wrote his entire autobiography too? You know like getting keys thrown at you while you stand outside a restaurant because they think your the valet. “Yea…. more racial stuff like that Bill, that sounds good.”

This is from WND where they are still all over the “chosen one” like flies on stink.

During his speech with the Apollo 11 crew, Obama told the astronauts:

The country continues to draw inspiration from what you’ve done. I should note, just personally, I grew up in Hawaii, as many of you know, and I still recall sitting on my grandfather’s shoulders when those capsules would land in the middle of the Pacific and they’d get brought back and we’d go out and we’d pretend like they could see us as we were waving at folks coming home. And I remember waving American flags and my grandfather telling me that the Apollo mission was an example of how Americans can do anything they put their minds to.

The following is a White House video of his speech:

It makes you wonder if he didn’t make all this up as well.

“Security guards tailing me as I shop in department stores, white couples who toss me their keys as I stand outside a restaurant waiting for the valet, police cars pulling me over for no apparent reason. I know what it’s like to have people tell me I can’t do something because of my color, and I know the bitter swill of swallowed-back anger.” -Barack Obama or Bill Ayers?

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