Obama visits Africa “the continent of his birth”

“For Ghana, Obama’s visit will be a celebration of another milestone in African history as it hosts the first-ever African-American President on this presidential visit to the continent of his birth.”

Ghana_continent_birthYes folks, that is a direct reprint. I didn’t make it up. Mmmmm. I wonder where they got that idea from? Have the people in Ghana been influence by all the “birthers” here in America? It is becoming more difficult for Americans to believe the CFR propaganda that Obama was born in Hawaii – as all of Africa knows he was born in Kenya. Since all this information is readily available – why does the American media continue to lie about it? 

OK – thats a silly question because he would have to admit that he lied and he is not able to fulfill the Constitutional requirements to hold the office. He would also have to admit the his Hawaii birth certificate is indeed forged as experts have already shown it to be and that he intentionally deceived the American people. And they called Bush a liar – wow.

It would also make everything that he has done since entering office illegal! What a mess the Democrats have created now. And the Republicans for their part are a bunch of cowards as they refuse to challenge him about this.

Why would so called conservative right wing talk radio hosts like Neal Boortz or Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh support the lie that he was born in Hawaii? Why do they ridicule those of us that aren’t brainwashed or misled by their disinformation? I can understand why the liberal democrats lie but why does the Republican party go along with it?

The only obvious explanation I can come up with is that they are in fact part of the CFR disinformation propaganda network. It would mean that they too are compromised when it comes to the truth. That they are controlled. That they want to control the people that listen to them. That they get their orders about what they can talk about from somebody that is determining what “conservative” means. They have created a “conservative” orthodoxy and anyone outside of that is a “birther” or a tin foil hat conspiracy theorist. They always use these denigrating terms if you bring up Free Trade, open border policies, the North American Union, the Federal Reserve, the New World Order or a one world currency and God forbid – the Amero. I have gotten banned from both Hannity and Coulter chat for discussing these topics. 

In my opinion this is how the CFR/Bush team has led the conservative movement astray from the truth and it’s core principles. I know I’m rambling a bit but this has bothered me for many years. It is the only explanation of why the “conservative” leaders never address the real issue of the Bilderberger, Trilateral and CFR domination of America and the world. They are in fact a part of the New World Order. They never discus how Wall street financed both Hitler and Stalin. They will never discuss how Bush financed Hitler. Hannity will call Geithner a ‘tax cheat” but he will never bring up the overlooked fact that he was the head of the New York Fed and now he is running our Treasury.

That is hard for a lot of conservative Republicans to grasp. It’s hard to admit that you have been betrayed and fooled by those you trusted. I have found many Republicans to be as blind and partisan as liberal Democrats. A Lot of them still think Bush was a good president and a “good Christian” and that he Kept America safe. What a joke. It was just the part he played. Sure their is a big difference between conservative and liberal values. But when it comes down to it they are both a part of destroying America’ economic strength. They both serve the bankers that are running everything now.

Original article in Ghana media here:


Good article here at the Prison Planet on the same topic.

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