Obama’s failing trickle down economic theory

Economic_idiotsI find it amusing the way liberals rail against Reagan’s “trickle down” economic theory. Without getting into a long dissertation on economic theory, they universally hated it and constantly used it as an example of how “unjust” Reagan was to the poor. The fact the Democrats have a hard time admitting is that it was very successful in turning the stagnant Jimmy Carter economy around. Now comes Obama (Jimmy Cater II) with his “economic stimulus” package. In reality it is not even his but handed to him by democratic leadership and his CFR and Trilateral handlers. The essence of the stimulus is that the government will spend a bunch of money they have to borrow and that will stimulate the economy. That argument alone is false and really quite ridiculous. When you spread manure on a garden it stimulates growth. When you spread manure on the economy it does the opposite. Obamanomics is a big load of horse manure. The “green shoots” that the over optimistic media were so excited about in May wilted quickly in the early heat of summer. It was clearly just more Obamamania propaganda.

Reagan’s idea was that you gave businesses tax breaks and they would turn around and put that capitol to work in the free market putting people back to work. It was very effective even though the democratic controlled congress only allowed him to implement about 1/3 third of his economic program. They never allowed him to cut government spending and entire departments he wanted to get rid of. These sacred cows of liberal thinking and “progress.”

Obama_approval_falling_7_09Obama’s idea of an economic recovery is that you borrow money from your enemies and let the government spend it to shore up his political base. So his trickle down is far worse and unjust than Reagan’s, even if you still believe that Reagan was wrong. Obama is far worse. His big government trickle down theory is putting people out of work. There is a lot less trickling down to the “man on the street.” There is no more inefficient way of using money than government. They may employ people but they do not make a profit. The jobs that they provide have to be subsidized by you and me. But where is the self-righteous indignation of the democrats now? Government is spending the money so that is OK. This policy is brutal to the poor. It is heartless and unjust. 10% unemployment that grows to 12 or even 15% is not unimaginable. And they are wreaking havoc on the value and stability or the dollar.

But Biden says they underestimated how bad the economy was. Really? I thought they got elected by using the argument that Bush had ruined the economy and it was the worst since the depression. This argument only works if you want to try and blame it all on Bush, which apparently like Pavlov’s dog they still do.

The wheels are coming of the wagon of the American economy and the cult of idolatry runs to worship a sick pedophile named Michael Jackson. A sick diversion at the worst of times – so far. Things will get a lot worse when the full weight of Obamanomics hits the American and world economy. This is the same cult of idolatry that served to get Obama elected as well. People find the strangest things to worship. America is being destroyed by a cult of personality. Worshipping black idols. People often claim that listening to Michael Jackson is harmless irregardless of what type of person he was. I’ll bet a weeks pay that if you poll all the idiots that are worshipping Michael Jackson – you will find they all voted for Obama as well.

That is exactly what is wrong with America today. The cult of personality.

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