eBay continues to try and hide Obama’s birth certificate.

While EBay claims to be preventing fraud. It is obvious they are trying to hide information about Obama’s real birth place in Mombassa. They have become active accomplices in protecting Obama. Now I can’t say if this certificate is real or not – but neither can they. If they have not see it then how can they claim it is a fraudulent auction? 

They have cancelled 6 attempts by this seller to auction their story of how they attained this copy of his birth certificate. It is understandable that they would like to make some money off the deal. It is not unreasonable to believe it is a real one. His entire family and the entire nation of Kenya knows he was born in Mombassa, Kenya.

It is possible that this is another attempt by the Obama people to make those of us that know the truth about his birth look silly. By uncovering stories that turn out to frauds – they succeed in making us look silly in the media to the rest of the public that still believes their propaganda. They have run numerous disinformation operations so far. Remember the stuff about Michelle form the African News service during the campaign that turned out to be fraudulent with no documentation or tape? This is typical of how they operate. And also with the “real birth Hawaiian certificate” that was verified by state officials but really proved nothing as no independent experts were allowed to examine it. How hard is it to find a corrupt state official to support Obama? However as more information about the seller is made know including the story of how they obtained the birth certificate it is becoming more likely that this is the real deal. We will wait and see.

So the fraud of Barack Obama’s illegal occupation of the White House continues.

Full story here at WMD.

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