Obama “brown shirt” black panther thugs walk

I guess this is some more of the “change” we can look forward to from an Obama run Justice Department. Justice is blind when you are a friend of the Democrats in power.  For wielding clubs and intimidating voters on election day – they get to walk. We look forward to the day when millions of brown shirt “volunteers” paid for by tax dollars enforce obedience to Obama. Can you imagine the uproar from the media if a Republican group had done something like this? There would no end of disenfranchising voter speeches from the Democrats and the NCAAP. And you know they would be screaming for prosecution – but Republicans are wimps.

This following is from Atlas Shrugged.

Regular Atlas readers remember the vocal and racist support the Black Panther party gave to Obama. It paid off. Big time payback to America haters, Jew haters, and white people.

Black Panther support for Obama’s presidency was posted loudly and proudly on Obama’s website back in March 2008, and was posted at Atlas here: Obama Endorsements: Farrakhan Check! Black Panther Party Check! Bombmaking Revolutionaries Check! Blogs like Atlas that shone the light on the ugly underbelly of Obama’s campaign of racebaiting and Jew hating got the Obama campaign to take the Panther Obama page down. Further still, the Black Panthers were threatening voters at polling places on election day (scroll down).

“Obama will stir the “Melting Pot” into a better “Molten America”.


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