FDA Calls Breakfast Cereal Cheerios a Drug???

So now any food that is good for you will called a drug by the FDA?

Now I’m not saying Cheerios are good because they are full of sugar which is not good for you. And they have a bunch of other crap too.

But you can see where this is heading. Is oatmeal the next victim? It is another attack on the whole foods industry and health. Now the government will tell us what we can eat.

The reality is that there are lots of good natural foods that prevent and heal many diseases. This is a a threat to the drug industry cartel which which is trying to use the power of our government to enforce their monopoly on our health. They have taken it upon themselves to create a monopoly just like the Fed does with our money.

Every year 100,000+ people die from complications involving prescription drugs. How may died from eating healthy natural food? Or supplements? Or vitamins?

Obama did not start this fire but he is pouring on the fuel.

Big brother Obama is trying to take over our world.

FDA Calls Breakfast Cereal Cheerios a Drug

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