White House issues advisory after Obama Mexico trip

April 30, 2009


Spreading the love - or the bug?

Spreading the love - or the bug?

For the record I said that Obama should be quarantined as soon as this hit the news. Now these idiots are spreading this disease around to their family and friends. Are they all complete retards? That was a rhetorical question.

And we are suppose to believe he cares? He should be quarantined for the protection of the nation. Him and the entire White House staff. I don’t care if he gets sick or not. It is for the protection of our country.

On the bright side maybe he gave it to his Latin lover Hugo Chavez, when they “hooked up” after his visit to Mexico! And no, I’m not going to apologize for that remark.


The White House is issuing a health advisory outlining “protective measures” for anyone who traveled on President Barack Obama’s trip to Mexico, after a member of the U.S. delegation came down with flu-like symptoms – and tests on his family showed they’re probably infected with the swine flu. 

The individual – an advance security staffer for Energy Secretary Steven Chu –appears to have spread the flu to his wife, son and nephew. All three have tested probable for swine flu, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said. 

Gibbs, who did not name the security aide, said he did not work closely with Obama, didn’t fly on Air Force One and is back at work at the Energy Department. 

But the staffer was at a working dinner Obama attended with Mexican officials April 16. The aide “was asked specifically if he ever came within six feet of the president, and the answer to that was ‘No.’ ” 

Of coarse we can’t overlook the dummest vice-president in the history of the world. Yep, thats right. I’m talkin’ about slow Joe Biden. Even he gets the dangers involved here.

Vice-President Joe Biden said Thursday that he would not recommend taking any commercial flight or riding in a subway car “at this point” because swine flu virus can spread “in confined places.” A little more than one hour later, Biden rushed out a statement backing off. 

So Obama says “there is no cause for alarm” on Monday and now Joe Biden sounds the alarm. Like I said earlier, they are making the Bush Katrina response look professional and good. So why are they still letting planes fly in from Mexico? Anyone? Anyone? Hey Janet, what’s your feeling on this?

Everything you need to know about Swine Flu – but were afraid to ask!

April 30, 2009


There are a lot of unanswered questions about the new ‘swine flu’ epidemic. I am one that believes this is as dangerous as many believe. The first question I think we need to ask is – do we trust our government? My response is resoundingly no. Can we trust the CDC and the drug companies? Again, I think not. Who then can we trust to provide us with good information and a remedy? Obama? Seriously folks – he is out golfing on Sunday and we are suppose to believe he is really concerned? Aside from making grandiose statements on national TV – he has essentially done nothing. With Obama you get a lot of fluff and no real stuff.

Can we trust the DHS? They are not even able to control our border. Why is Napolitano the Nazi in charge of this? Where is the Surgeon General? Where are the doctors? The only decisions that should be made are medical ones. How to identify the infected, contain the spread of the disease and ultimately discover a remedy. Why are uninformed politicians making medical decisions? Why are incubation flights still arriving daily from Mexico? Why has the border not been closed until the situation is resolved? Why has the Border Patrol been prevented from wearing protective masks? Why are the fiduciary interests of the Chamber of Commerce and the Free Trade Robber Barons more important than our health and national security. There are more questions then answers. As we use to say in the Marines, this is one big clusterf*ck or SNAFU.

Notice that when the Marines find someone that might be infected with swine flu they quarantine him and 30 other people even before they get the results back from the lab! It is just a matter of common sense. That is what Obama should be doing if he really were a great leader – but he is not. He is just a pretentious jackass! Who elected this incompetent jerk anyway?

Semper Fi!

Dr. Ron Paul on the Swine Flu


Rather than write one huge long post that most people will never read I will post the links to what I feel is pertinent information about the Swine flu and the history of flu viruses.

1. History of the Spanish flu of 1918. Some still believe this was a creation of the drug companies to make money. It killed 25 to 40 million people!

2. History of the Swine Flu of 1976. 25 people died and many more were sick and paralyzed – from the flu vaccinations! Thank you Gerald Ford.

3. Another comprehensive Swine flu expose here.

4. In 2004 the CDC attempt to create a new pandemic flu virus by mixing avian, swine and human viruses. Yep – looks like it worked! Thanks guys! Did you think of creating an antidote while you were at it?

5. Ground zero of the 2009 ‘Swine flu’ epidemic appears to be a Smithsfield factory farm located in Perote, Mexico. Thanks guys! Really enjoy that ham. This nugget has not been reported in the CFR controlled news.

Residents [of Perote] believed the outbreak had been caused by contamination from pig breeding farms located in the area. They believed that the farms, operated by Granjas Carroll, polluted the atmosphere and local water bodies, which in turn led to the disease outbreak. 

6. Health officials say a Swine flu vaccine might be ready by Sept 09, if all goes perfect. But don’t hold your breath because things usually don’t go perfect. If the CDC created a hybrid monster flu like this in 2004; why did they not create a vaccine for it??? Just a thought.

7. Certain drug companies stand to make a lot of money. For them the ‘Swine flu’ will be a real ‘cash cow.’  Rumsfeld looks like he is invested at the right place at the right time again. Novartis wins a recent lucrative contract to produce flu vaccines in No Carolina.

8. A large number of microbiologists and bio-weapons scientists have been dropping dead – like flies. Not from disease either. What did they know and when did they know it? Why would their laptops be so valuable? Is this just a coincidence?

9. Some disturbing information about bioengineering experiments herehere and more here.

10. US Army Bio Lab loses some flu vials. Oops! Let me check that inventory one more time. If the Army has this weapon, wouldn’t they have an antidote?

11. Fears of an escaped bio-engineered 1918 flu virus from Athens, Ga in 2005. Is research like this at UGA helpful or just really dangerous? Have they opened the 1918 Pandora’s box again? Could someone steal this info and use it to release a deadly virus in Mexico at a nasty pig farm?

12. Swine flu – manmade and propaganda. Good video here on how these viruses are genetically engineered by scientists.

13. More Evidence points to the Swine Flu as being man made, genetically engineered. It contains genetic material from 3 different sources, bird, swine and human from three different continents. So far there is no natural explanation for this abnormal genetic mutation.

Here is some good basic information about this disease. Some common sense steps to protect yourself. Wash your hands! Don’t shake hands. It is an airborne and human transmitted disease. There are many vitamins and supplements that will help strengthen your immune system. Vitamin C is a great one that is often overlooked. You can take 6000 to 10,000 milligrams a day and it will not harm you! Colloidal Silver and MMS are much more powerful but safe options as well. 

An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

I’m leaning toward the opinion that this a man made disaster. There is no scientific evidence that shows these different viruses combine naturally in nature -even in a filthy pig factory farm in Mexico. Science shows they are the result of genetic bio-engineering.  They are the creations of mad scientists. Where is Al Gore to save the planet when you really need him? You will find him positioned with Rumsfeld to make a lot of money off this. Suspicious of both Rockefeller and his drug companies, I suspect they engineered the whole thing. Assertions have been made by Fulford, that it was a release of a bio-weapon. Can we prove it? Most likely not. From Rockefeller’s lofty perspective it would serve to both revive his economic interests and kill off the growing unemployed. They kill two birds with one swine. Who knows? Maybe it will even save his precious banks.

One Congressman calls for the border to be shut?

April 28, 2009

rep-eric-massa-d-nyCongratulations to Rep. Eric Massa (D -NY), a Democrat I might add, who is not intimidated by the open border lobby of the Chamber of Commerce. Have the rest of the House and Senate lost their minds? We already know that the Obama/Biden people have no brains at all. Even the Republicans are too stupid to jump on this critical national security and health issue. And make no mistake – it is criminal to allow unrestricted crossing of the border at this time.

Per Napolitano we have no health screening of passengers arriving from Mexico. But Europe and Russia are checking passengers arriving from both the US and Mexico. Asian countries have deployed thermal sensors to screen passengers from North America to detect fever. But we have done nothing to shut the border and protect our own citizens or even screen people coming from Mexico. Russia suspended meat imports from the US and Mexico but we are still trucking it in. Even Cuba has suspended all flights to Mexico. So far 150 people are dead in Mexico and Obama and the DHS have missed a golden opportunity to prevent a pandemic spread of this contagion. Do they want a pandemic? Is that their goal?

Swine FluNapolitano said yesterday there was no reason to shut the border. How do you logically arrive at that conclusion? People are infected. They are traveling to the US. They bring the disease. But the thought of actually checking people at the border is beyond her ability to comprehend. All confirmed cases show that they traveled to Mexico and then brought it back with them. Yet Napolitano says that to close all traffic from Mexico is not the solution?  She doesn’t even make sense. If travel to and from Mexico spread the disease then stopping that traffic would be the first logical step. Does she expects Mexicans to rely on their own good judgement like when they wait for a visa before legally entering the US to work and live? Yea right, when pigs fly!  Most likely they will try to flee across the border illegally for free flu shots.

This is what is wrong with the whole open border free, trade mentality. Everything else is subordinated to this. National security, health and safety, US Industries. All are sacrificed so the elite can keep making their profits at the expense of America. They have tried to label ‘protectionism’ as a bad thing – when it is good to protect America. But criminal enterprises are free to run across the border anytime they want. They say they want to stop the illegal flow of guns into Mexico. OK, then BUILD A FENCE AND SECURE THE BORDER – THAT WILL STOP IT. Instead they want to impose an assault weapons ban. How about we impose an illegal alien ban? And they say nothing about all the drugs and gangs and criminals coming into America across the border from Mexico. Like an assault weapons ban is going to stop that. It is typical liberal baloney. Pretty soon we are going to hear about the right of a swine flu infected illegal aliens to migrate here for their safety. We have been calling for the border to be secured and protected and controlled for years but Washington has not listened to the people. They serve the corporate interest of the CFR and the Chamber of Commerce. This swine flu epidemic is a perfect example of why we want our country protected.

swine_fluEven Hillary warned against traveling to Mexico yesterday. But Obama says there is no cause for alarm? Really? These people are criminally negligent. They can’t even get their story straight. If Hilary is warning against travel then why is Napolitano saying that shutting the border will do no good? Where is the logic? Obama declares an emergency on Sunday while he is playing golf but on Monday he says there is no cause for alarm. They do have the time and money to scare the hell out of New York City with their photo op stunts. They are starting to make the Bush Katrina response look good.

At least the networks finally said no to the Obama idol show tonight. This clown wants to practice his Jedi mind tricks on the gullible Obots with weekly propaganda conferences and “Townhall Meetings.” It took a village of urban idiots to vote this guy into office.

The WHO has “declared a public health emergency of international concern” but the ‘wise one’ Obama says “there is no cause for alarm?” 

swine_flu2I can only assume from their behaviour that they want to infect not only the US but the entire world with this disease. Most likely it was cooked up in some Rockefeller government lab so they can make a bunch of money selling deadly flu vaccines to the public. It is not a natural occurring hybrid. These different viruses do not combine with each other naturally. This deadly concoction was created by someone for a purpose. The CDC tried to create a monster virus just like this a few years ago. Apparently they succeeded. Now micro-biologists and bio-weapons scientists are dropping dead like flies. Not from disease but they are being killed by someone. One might ask what did they know? We did not know it was such a deadly occupation. It is not a natural phenomena that is unraveling. It is a man made disaster. It was made to kill people. Maybe this is how the Obama administration plans to cut the unemployment number. Kill them off by disease. A sinister Rockefeller population control strategy for sure.

And finally today we hear that the best coarse that Napolitano and GMO advocate Vilsack can come up with to protect Americans is to change the name from swine flu to something less offensive. That about sums up this Obama administration. We are standing on the edge of a precipice of a pandemic killer disease and thats all they have to offer us. Political correctness and ignorant platitudes. What about shutting the border Janet, and inspecting all people entering the US from Mexico? It seems a sovereign nation like America ought to at least be able to do that. Personally I think Janet Napolitano is a swine. I know its insulting to the pigs but there you have it.

Obama leaves border open and America undefended from Swine flu pandemic

April 27, 2009

This was posted over at Justbuildthefence.


April 27, 2009 

CONTACT: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) 
press@alipac.us, (866) 703-0864 

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC calls on the Obama administration to immediately close the southern border and restrict all inbound air and ground traffic from Mexico to emergencies and product delivery immediately to protect American lives from the Mexican Swine Flu outbreak. 

“The Obama administration’s failure to secure our borders against a possible pandemic is putting American lives at risk at a time when days and hours matter,” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “The weak and inadequate “passive surveillance” described during Sunday’s press conference is offensive to the rational mind.” 

Instead of advising American tourists not to travel to Mexico, or closing border crossings and air travel gates to essential travel only, the Obama administration is treating Mexico like a 51st state, instead of separate nation. 

ALIPAC is also critical of Obama administration’s failure to appoint key leadership prior to this crisis. America is entering this crisis without a secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) or appointees in any of the department’s 19 key posts. President Barack Obama has not yet chosen a surgeon general or the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. His choice to run the Food and Drug Administration awaits confirmation. 

“Obama was playing golf Sunday. Instead, he should have been addressing the nation, securing the borders, and filling the gaps in our government leadership from an emergency command center!” said William Gheen. “He refuses to send troops to the border to stop the violence from spilling over or the Mexican flu from crossing into America. Instead we get second tier bureaucrats telling Americans to wash our hands and cover our mouths when we cough like a bunch of 1st grade students.”


As was reported here: Obama was in Mexico and as reported on Bloomberg was in direct contact with someone that dies the following day in Mexico. So does Obama have swine flu? He meets the guy and the next day he dies!  

Even more bizarre is this story showing missing vialsof weaponized flu from an Army Biolab? Is there a connection between these missing vials and an outbreak that coincides with Obama’s visit to Mexico?
So we find our unlikely hero Obama out playing golf on Sunday while The European Union is issuing travel warnings and inspecting all people traveling to their countries from Mexico and the US. If they are then why aren’t we doing the same?
Of coarse today Obama said the Swine flu outbreak “is not a cause for alarm.” A global pandemic in the making – but it is not a cause for alarm? Neither was the bubonic plague Obama!
But the UN Chief apparently has a different take on the problem. Maybe he was not out playing golf on Sunday with Obama?
And to add insult to injury now a strong earthquake has hit Mexico City sending office workers scrambling out of high rise buildings and into the street for safety. That should really help things down there – but as Obama said, “there is not a cause for alarm.”

Swine Flu Outbreak coincides with Obama’s visit to Mexico

April 26, 2009

This is what the media is NOT telling us. I’m not saying Obama caused it, I’m not say he didn’t – but he was there and the guy he met with “died the following day from symptoms similar to the flu.”

So Obama was exposed to it and the media is hiding the truth from us again. 

Obama’s Visit

The first case was seen in Mexico on April 13. The outbreak coincided with the President Barack Obama’s trip to Mexico City on April 16. Obama was received at Mexico’s anthropology museum in Mexico City by Felipe Solis, a distinguished archeologist who died the following day from symptoms similar to flu, Reforma newspaper reported. The newspaper didn’t confirm if Solis had swine flu or not.


So what is DHS and CDC doing to protect Americans from being exposed to Obama? Apparently nothing. Mexico is locked down but Obama has done nothing to seal the border and protect Americans from this emerging pandemic.

Obama should be quarantined.

The Cult of Obama is on a 100 day high!

April 23, 2009



WND has reported a truly nauseating picture openly displaying the level of idolatry Obama has been elevated to by his cult of personality. The artist openly compares to Christ on the cross. This is truly bizarre. The Obots are comparing him to Christ. I would compare him to the anti-Christ.


Perez Hilton’s vagina envy ends Carrie Prejean’s Miss USA bid

April 22, 2009

carrie_prejeanI’m going to add my two cents to this debate. Because it highlights a very important issue concerning discrimination. How Perez Hilton get a job of judging beautiful women? He is a poster child for everything that is wrong with people that choose to be gay. I don’t think it is a stretch to say he hates women. He truly is a disgusting individual. But typical of gay activists, they try to cram their lifestyle down everyone else’s throat. His hatred of women was on display for the world to see. A more unjust situation could not exist for Carrie Prejean. Perez’s hateful discrimination and bigotry ended her Miss USA bid. You could tell it was personal envy on his part. At the very least it was completely unprofessional. I would call it a bad case of vagina envy. He wants one but obviously will never have one.

hiltonredactedThis controversy highlights a more disturbing tactic employed by the left. Discriminating against anyone that does not see things they way they do. Liberal fascists trying to cram their view of the world down everyone eles’s throat. No one told Perez he can’t be a mixed up sicko faggot. If he wants to live his life that way it is his bad choice. But we don’t have to like or approve of it. That is what free will is all about. The problem gay activists is that they want the government to give them a stamp of approval and then force everyone else to acknowledge their ‘sexual preference.’ 

As for the beautiful Carrie Prejean, I think she handled the situation with all the class and poise that could be hoped for, considering that the bigoted jerk just ruined her dream. As she witnessed, “God was testing her faith.” I think she did just fine and God will bless her for bearing witness to the truth. Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina. There are good reasons for that. Even the beasts of the field have figured that out but apparently Perez Hilton has not.

‘And you know what, in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. 

‘No offence to anybody out there, but that’s how I was raised and that’s how I think it  should be – between a man and a woman. Thank you very much.’ -Carrie Prejean