Obama’s experiment in a Marxist Dictatorship begins



I wonder how the most inefficient unprofitable enterprise ever created, and I am talking about the US government, thinks they are going to show our monopoly capitalists how to make a profit? Free enterprise is largely dead in America today. It has not failed. It has been usurped by rich international corporations. Lou Dobbs called it “corporatism” recently. I call it monopoly capitalism. It is definitely not a free enterprise system. They may pay lip service to the idea and there is a lot of talk about “free markets” but even that is deceiving as they are not free at all. It is usually a code word for exporting America’s wealth and economic strength while the elite on Wall St. continue to post profits. Basically they are making a lot of money by selling America down the tubes. Thanks to ‘Free Trade Robber Baron’s’ like Warren Buffett.

So now Obama, instead of addressing the real problem, proposes we turn to the failed ideology of socialism as the solution. Redistributing the wealth. I would completely agree that Wagoner should step down – but it is not Obama’s job to fire CEO’s. That is the responsibility of the company, the board and the shareholders. He has no authority to do that – bailout or not. It is the first step into a brave new world of socialism, Fascism and communism. It is not what he was elected to do.

The American people need to wake up and fire Obama before he destroys what is left of America. He has failed even before he has begun. March 30, 2009 will go down as a dark day in American history. It is the day Obama openly became a Marxist dictator. He is effectively nationalizing GM and turning it into Government Motors. By doing this he is violating his oath to defend the Constitution of the United States. He should be impeached.

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