Who’s Currency is on first – Obama or Geithner?

“A global economy requires a global currency.”

– Paul Volcker, Former Chairman, Federal Reserve, Single Global Currency

bought650The Pennsylvania Ave CURRENCY COMEDY CLUB continues like a poorly rehearsed Abbott and Costello routine. These two pretentious clowns appear more like a Mutt and Jeff team. Who’s in charge anyway, Obama or Geithner? Lies, lies, lies. Where are the objections from the convenient morality of the left that hated Bush and Cheney’s lies? Obama, for his part in the show, displays all the dignity of a spoiled immature college frat boy with his “Special Olympic” moment. Is he retarded or what? Is that the white or the black part of him coming out? That question is for all those fools who voted for Obama just because of the color of his skin. How does a black (or white) man automatically become a good person? He’s black he so must be for me? How friggin’ stupid can people be? But I digress. The election is over and the New World Order bought the presidency for Obama for 650+ million Deneros or is that soon to be Ameros? Now they want Obama to pay to play. Either he is reading the wrong playbook or he really did do too many drugs with his gay buddies. That of coarse would mean the Obama is directly responsible for the current chaos in Mexico. Wouldn’t it Hilary, like you never heard of planes flying into Mena or profited from it? But I digress again. At any rate, Obama and Geithner can’t seem get their story straight on the new world currency.

geithner-cfrpreviewThis is not a small matter they are discussing mind you. It would be the most significant change in our monetary system since the FED began pillaging our Treasury in 1913.  A one world currency has been the dream of many a New World Order initiate. Volker has been touting the Phoenix for decades as have many other CFR and Trilateral groupies. Do you think it is a coincidence that Geithner made this announcement while addressing the CFR? The dream of the FED is that if they can control ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD then we won’t have anymore of these pesky little economic downturns. That would be analogous to a pimp thinking that if he owned all the whores in the world there would be no more sexually transmitted diseases. 

fed_thin_airIf you want to know just how important our currency is, just look at this current debacle created by the irresponsible expansion of the dollar by the FED. The boom and bust cycles resulting from FED monetary expansion are the direct cause of all our current economic problems. They create the bubbles and then they collapse. But they keep collecting the interest for all the fiat money they print and loan out. These thieves have been robbing the US Treasury and looting the wealth of America since 1913. Now they are forcing the American people to underwrite their debts against our will. Are their egos to big to fail or are they just to dumb to learn? That is not freedom – it is monetary slavery and and economic fascism. They want to keep the profit but saddle us with their bad debts – and keep their triple AAA rating at the same time. Now they have grown so bold (or desperate) they put their former head of the NY Fed in charge of the US Treasury. You might as well put Hitler in charge of the planning the invasion of Normandy or a Marxist like Obama in charge of the United States. Oh wait, some damn fool Americans already did that.

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. I suppose the FED, after destroying our mighty dollar think that they alone should be trusted with the new world currency? These idiots have destroyed the value of the dollar and the American way of life – and now they want a one world currency? It is not evolutionary, it is de-evolutionary to free world. There is no freedom without economic freedom. Surrendering what little monetary sovereignty we have left is insane. Spending money that we don’t have like Obama wants is suicidal. As the Czech president recently said, Obama’s plan is a way to lead the world’s free markets to hell and unfortunately I agree with him.

It appears that Obama’s real change is a new world currency. Funny he didn’t mention that on the campaign trial? Hope? Yes we can? I don’t think so. You can rehearse all your Jedi mind tricks and NLP until the cows come home but you aren’t fooling me one bit Barry. He is competing with Benedict Arnold for treachery in his own little ‘special Olympics.’ Traitor in Chief will be his everlasting epithet. But we dare not speak out against him lest he sic the Secret Service on us like those who dare challenge his fraudulent birth certificate. We must respect him because, you know, he’s black.

Meanwhile some Republicans seem to have finally gotten weary of worshipping the ‘chosen one.’ “Oh, but I want him to succeed because he is my president.” He ain’t my president! The politically correct idiocy of pretended obligatory subservience to our thinly gilded illegal alien president seems to finally be wearing off. It is disgusting and nauseating. Themes that I have been writing about seem to be finally making their way into mainstream political dialogue. Better late than never. Obamanomics will bankrupt us and destroy the nation. Now even the perennial amnesty proponent, free traitor advocate and former collaborator Gregg has found his voice.

bachmannHowever Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota seems to be the most courageous of the still confused and mostly spineless republican party. She has proposed a bill that would ban a new global currency. Good for her. You go girl! She is putting most of her male colleagues to shame with her vocal opposition to Obamanomics. Such is the sorry state and absence of any real leadership in the party of pretend Reagan conservatives. Excluding of coarse our good friend and perennial enemy of the FED – Ron Paul. But the republicans, cowards and fools that they are, refuse the let Ron Paul be their moral compass. They are a sorry confused lot to be sure. An empty shell is all that is left of a once vibrant and healthy conservative movement. The George Bush’s destroyed the Republican party and the Reagan coalition by betraying everything it stood for. Oh I know, they made their token efforts, and they will reap their just rewards as they are meted out, each according to their own works.

It is now clear that not only is Geithner a tax cheat, he is also a two faced liar. But that is no surprise for the former head of the NY Fed. He is certainly no less a liar than our current Traitor in Chief and Marxist disciple, Barry Soetoro. The FED is the biggest bunch of liars and thieves in the history of the world. They are now intent on usurping further unconstitutional powers to establish a New World Order with a one world currency. One thing is clear from Obama and Geithner’s contradicting statements. Obama is not really in charge. Geithner is. Volker is. The FED is. The New World Order is. Obama is just a monkey for the NWO organ grinder. Geithner should be asking for Obama’s resignation for AIG. But that is straining over gnats isn’t it?  While we swallow the camel of his 3.6 trillion dollar deficit plan to hell. Obama is just a pawn of the elitist rich tax evading snobs of the New World Order.

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