Obamanomics – bankrupting America for the ‘New World Order’


“You have to understand how we got into this mess. We got into this mess by spending too much, borrowing too much and inflating too much..So what is the proposal? Spend more money, borrow more money, print more money…it makes no sense whatsoever.” –Ron Paul on MSNBC 01/27/09

Like many Americans these days, I look at our government in wonder and amazement. Not because they are doing a wonderful job representing their constituents (the American people), but because they are systematically destroying the American way of life. It appears to me to either be an intentional plan to bankrupt America or the worst business plan ever created. Oh, the wise stewards of this generation will never admit that, but I can find no other explanation for their behavior, other than they are absolutely insane  – which is a real possibility. But they are all appear as intelligent educated people capable of conveying an aura of service and leadership (excepting GW). So what is the explanation for the current policies of national economic suicide pursued across five administrations over the last 20 years?

Someone recently coined the phrase “Free Traitors” and I think that is an excellent description of the “Free Trade” policies that helped destroy our industrial strength and therefore our economy. They have managed to export over 40% of our industries. Some like have Warren Buffett become billionaires offshoring America. Irresponsible lending by the FED and deficit government spending is the another two headed hydra of this coin of national bankruptcy. The FED was supposedly created specifically to prevent this very type of economic meltdown. They were created in 1913 to end the boom and bust cycles of our economy and by 1929 they had created the Great Depression (which they now finally admit) and now they are creating an even worse one. They have completely failed to manage our money wisely. They are just a cabal of thieves, liars and moneychangers and they have in fact destroyed the dollar. Under the FED’s governance the value of the dollar has plummeted until it is now only worth 3 cents of what is what worth in 1913.

Presidential Comic BooksNow some will say Obama and the Democrats did not create this mess. Oh really? I suppose you think Bush created this mess all by himself? If your a Democrat I’m sure you do. It is partially true, Bush bears a large share of the blame. But do you think Congress had no part in the spending spree? Get real folks! Now Republicans will say, well the liberal Democrats and the entitlement mentality really caused this mess and Clinton is responsible for creating the housing bubble that collapsed and the subprime mortgage crises that followed. Again, that is also partially true, the abandonment of the Glass-Steagall Act was a primary cause of the total corruption of the financial industries. You will find Clinton retreads Robert Rubin and Larry Summers instrumental in that move. But it goes much deeper than even that. I would point of the Phil Gramm (R) was a primary sponsor of that bill and all the Senators voted for it in 1999. There are other significant steps taken by Clinton to remove financial regulations in the 90’s that allowed the FED to go nuts with their lending. The expansion of the money supply is always followed by massive inflation – something for us to look forward to.  There is plenty of blame to go around but no one will step up to the plate and accept any responsibility for the errors.

ronpaul-fedCheney recently opined that, “no one saw the financial crises coming”. You can hear this mantra echoed up and down Pennsylvania Ave, Wall St and around the world. It’s like the meatball that rolled off the table. It has been adopted from New York to Shanghai. No one in a position of leadership will accept any responsibility for the current mess. The reality that no one wants to admit is that many saw this economic crises developing. Ron Paul and Peter Schiff are two good examples but there are many others. They both predicted exactly what would happened but no one listened to them. Lou Dobbs is another good example as well as Glen Beck. Most so called conservative leaders were strangely silent? This was not some perfect storm that no one could foresee or prevent. It was created by the combined losing team of both Republicans and Democrats. The very people that created this mess now deny all responsibility. Greenspan finally admitted before Congress that there was “a flaw in the model that I perceived.” Really Alan, do ya think? You just destroyed the world as we know it. This is a man that the whole world used to worship as a financial god. Financial clod would be a more appropriate epithet on his grave.

jackassonbikeNow along comes Obama the pretender. This guy has absolutely no qualifications to fix our economy.  He took advantage of the situation by lying about it to get elected. He railed at Bush for running huge deficits. He made all kinds of promises he can’t keep. THE GUY HAS PROBABLY NEVER EVEN BALANCED A CHECKBOOK. Unlike Rezko, he apparently is good at not getting caught taking bribes. But he is really just the latest in a string patsy presidents that do the bidding of the New World Order. There is no real change from Bush. If anything it will be the worst of Bush times ten. He is making the same mistakes on an even grander scale. It might as well be a Hillary Administration with all the Clinton retreads he is employing. These are the same people that created this mess we are in. They aren’t going to solve it. How is chumming around with Paul Volker and Warren Buffett going to solve the financial meltdown? The FED is the guiltiest party out there and Geitner is no different than Paulson in his desire to nationalize America which is I think their unstated goal.

Obama lied about the cause of our economic crises just to get elected. He tried to blame it all on Bush. How 53 million people could convince themselves that this man could solve our economic problems is beyond me. He doesn’t even understand what caused them. He has absolutely no experience. Now he says the economy  is much worse and he promises to spend his way out of this recession. That is one of the major causes of our current financial crises. Deficit spending by politicians who spend more money than they can raise in taxes. He got elected by railing about Bush deficits and now he says he will be running trillion dollar deficits for years too. He says it is necessary. That is exactly what Bush said. It’s what the New World Order says.

obamapress1_galleryObama promised to create (or save) 2, 3 and now 4 million jobs. Since when does a president create jobs anyway? Who is going to pay for all these new government employees? He is the exact opposite of Reagan in the way he wants to spend and expand government. He has promised health care for everybody. How can we afford health care when we can’t even fund the medicaid/medicare liabilities we have? The unfunded liabilities of the welfare state that our politicians have already created is a prefect storm in it’s own making. But I do not believe we will even make it that far.  Obamanomics will bankrupt us long before that ever happens. The massive expansion of deficit government spending by Obama will destroy what little value is left in the dollar. It will be followed by hyper inflation and a massive worldwide depression. Gerald Celente predicts the ultimate collapse of the dollar by fall of 2009. Unfortunately he has been right so far. It is really just a matter of time as the dollar cannot withstand this abuse much longer.

Economic stimulus packages are a joke. They don’t do anything except run up the deficit even more. They haven’t worked so far so why would you create an even bigger one? Their remedy is more of the same spending disease that created this mess. You can’t borrow more money to fix an economy that is already drowning in debt. You can only sell off so much of your country to finance it. It is insane but this is the path we heading down with the most unqualified person in history to lead us. All his pomp and circus puppet shows won’t amount to a hill of beans. You can line up all the New World Order clowns and they can bow and scrape in front of Obama creating a big show for the media morons but it will not save us. It is the blind leading the blind into a ditch of a national economic catastrophe. They are just postponing the inevitable collapse and readjustment of the markets. They are making it much worse by propping up this “flawed model” and borrowing even more from our grandchildren’s future. It is the epitome of ignorant irresponsible leadership.

It is not my wish to see this happen but we cannot continue down this path of national bankruptcy much longer. You can only borrow or print so much fiat money. I think we are at 11 trillion right now. There is a flaw in the model of the Federal Reserve alright – it’s a Ponzi scheme. JFK was killed for trying to break their stranglehold on America’s money. Obama has embraced the FED monopoly and because of this he will be the instrument of economic devastation not yet seen in the world. He will deliver the coup de grace to the American economy. Who will he blame when the dollar collapses under the weight of it’s own debt? The CFR? The Trilateral Commission? The Bilderbergers? The ‘New World Order?’ Or is this what they planned all along? In order to take over completely they must destroy America economically first. The real flaw in their model is that they are destroying themselves in the process. I don’t think they’ve figured that out yet. Welcome to the real world. My only regret is that it is not the French Revolution where we could at least see their heads roll down Pennsylvania Ave – like a meatball.

Kissinger recently announced that this was not just a crises, but a great opportunity to establish a ‘New World Order.’ He seemd quite pleased at the prospect. He said we should not worry about Obama’s inexperience because he had assembled an able team of finance and international experts. So I guess we don’t have to worry about an inexperienced puppet leading us because the same people that really created this disaster are now going to fix it by borrowing and spending even more. It is a recipe for disaster. That makes about as much sense as trusting Blagojevich to clean up Chicago’s political corruption. Basically what Kissinger was saying is that we do not need to worry because the New World Order has it all under control. They are the ones really in charge. They are also the ones that created this current financial crises.

I would ask Dr. Kissinger this question. What about all those families that are losing their homes, their jobs, their savings? What about their lives Henry? What about all the people that will suffer in America and the world? Is all that worth your ‘New World Order?’ As long as you don’t suffer, it’s OK? Let them eat cake? The unfortunately reality is that Kissinger and the elite power brokers don’t care about Americans. All they really care about gaining more control and power. That is their bottom line. That is Obama’s bottom line too. He will sell his soul to be President. That is all he cares about. His ego is more important than America’s success. He is not another JFK that will put his life on the line for America. It’s all “word’s, just words” with Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama. There is no real change. He is just another New World Order puppet – a profile in moral cowardice.

Donna Brazile – Barack Obama is our first African president?

10 Responses to Obamanomics – bankrupting America for the ‘New World Order’

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  2. […] Obamanomics: bankrupting America for the New World Order « […]

  3. Marilyn Gunn says:

    I am prepared for the national collapse.I figured out long ago what Obama was up to.Bankrupting America so we will be on the brink of starvation.Taking control of us,so that we will depend on him.I have been storing food away,water,medical supplies,radio many other items and a gun.He’s not taking my rights away.I am ready for whatever he throws upon my doorstep.

  4. Dexter Jones says:

    This is an excellent example of how revolution happens.

    1st is “Reformation”: we are currently in this period of our new government. Everywhere we turn change is taking place. We are led to believe this is for the good of the “Common Man”, while demonizing the “Rich” and “Big Business”

    Problems are created: to make us believe “The Savior”, Obama truly cares about human-kind. This all sounds very nice, humanistic, and nobel prize-winning. “Most People” in America have been raised to believe in the “good of man”. We have not had to play by the “Criminal rule book” Criminals will say and do anything to “win their cause”, even little, minute things like their age will be changed to fit the moment.

    Huge Sums of our Money spent : Their is no government fiscal responsibility here. We are bankrupting America so that all people will depend on the government for their basic sustenance of life. Debt has tripled in the first 100-days and that is just the beginning. Healthcare, Bailouts, Bank Take-overs, Car company takeovers are all a means to an end… “The Bankrupting of America” If we are bankrupt we no longer have independence!

    2nd is “Revolution”: Just as our country had revolution with England the plan by Obama will be one of desensitizing under the guise of reformation and then when the timing is right, when all the bases are covered, when the common man will be helpless, the revolution will begin, that will remove the Freedoms of our very existence.


  5. Jack says:

    The country now has more government employee’s than people in the private sector, the taxes from the private sector pay the taxes for the government to run. This is the receipe to total collapse. Obama is creating more government jobs and more agencies (190) with the healthcare bill. Government has to be drastically cut, the game is over.

  6. Bruce Noel says:

    If you or I obtained a job to perform certain tasks, and we were not able to perform or obligations. What would happen ? We would be fired. what makes these people think they are above the loss of their jobs. FIRE THEM ALL!!!

  7. Reed Baum says:

    You mentioned Kennedy in your article. He once said,”Learning without liberty is in vain. Liberty without learning is in peril.”Every American needs to brand that saying on his forehead.We’ve been ignorant as baboons for too long, kowtowing to the so-called minority groups. We need to hold the Congress’ feet to the fire, which we’ve been very, very lax in doing.

  8. Richard Reed says:

    I am 77 years old when did all of this “monery hoarding” begin I think it was old George bush on his war just because another fellow had bad times with his daddy, and we got into a war we did not need to get into and its cost “BIG BUCKS UPFRONT and lotta young and old people to die again, just rember this the germany,japs, and husaine done it and now the other ones are gonna do it too. !

  9. cheap ego-t says:

    cheap ego-t…

    […]Obamanomics – bankrupting America for the ‘New World Order’ «[…]…

  10. How bizzare is it that in the Bizzaro world of Obamanomics ” Bizzaro ” Biden has now proclaimed ” America is going bankrupt so……now we need to spend more money ” ?

    Do you think that Obama’s supporters are now running around saying ” me almost bankrupt and me got almost no money but me going to listen to Bizzaro Biden and spend lots of money me no got. Me real smart to vote for Bizzaro Obama ” ?

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