Is Barack Obama a ‘Natural Born’ Liar?



According to a recent AOL poll at least half of Americans still have unanswered questions about Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama’s real birth place. His story of being born in Hawaii contradicts the testimony of his own relatives in Kenya. They all say he was born in Mombassa. The Globe ran an article in their latest issue addressing these concerns which are also the cornerstone of the Berg suit that is still before the Supreme Court. The now infamous birth certificate posted online has been identified as a fraud by two separate forensic experts as a digital forgery. Obama refuses to produce his vault or long copy and at this point even if he did I would question it’s authenticity. The reason is obvious. There is too much information that his real birth place is in Kenya. That includes his grandmother who witnessed his birth there herself. 

The ramifications of this fraud are immense. It would make every act and law of an Obama administration null and void because he has no constitutional authority to hold the office. The Democratic party sold their collective souls to get back into power. The media for the most part have refused to investigate this story objectively. The news reports that have surfaced have been carefully crafted disinformation and propaganda. The brain dead might buy it but obviously many still do not.

So who is protecting Obama and why do they want him to be president so bad? Black people don’t really seem to care as he is their first Black president so it is irrelevant to them if he lied to get there. The stupid liberals are still crying because this is a great step toward their false liberal utopia. Conservative Christians have been nullified by the “lets all work together to fix America” mentality. It is a false hope and they have allowed themselves to be politically manipulated by Obama. And the Republicans seem have their collective heads stuck up their butts as usual. What a bunch of incompetent morons.

fraud-obama-6-787596His election would be a cause for celebration if he wasn’t such a liar and fraud. Instead it will be a stain on every black American because this man is nothing more than a ‘natural born’ liar. Will they be so proud of him then? That’s the problem of identifying with someone based on skin color. His content of character is what is lacking. Obama thinks he can get into office and then dig in like a tick to keep his power. It appears to me this is why he helped illegally install Odinga into power in Kenya. So he could control any investigation into the facts surrounding his birth in Mombassa. At this point Kenya and his family are under lock down to prevent any media investigation into the truth. I would suggest that Obama planned this Machiavellian move. The Obama zombies try to argue that to doesn’t really matter because his mother was an American. Excuse me? It doesn’t matter that he lied and broke the law? Sure it does. For that reason alone he should not be allowed to be the first black president to illegally occupy the white house.

Who is going to stand up for truth and constitutional law in America? Who is going to stand up and identify Barack Obama as the ‘natural born’ liar that he is. Apparently the SCOTUS does not have the courage. He may be good at lying but so is Blagojevich. Sorry folks but that does not qualify him to be our president. It should qualify him for a lengthy stay in the big house as well as all those who conspired with him to deceive America. How can we expect this guy to uphold and defend the Constitution when he has shown that he is willing to deceive us and subvert it just so he can be selected president by the New World Order? If he lied about this with such apparent ease, what else is he lying about? Blagojevich? Rahm? Valerie Jarrett? Pay to play? Trinity Church? Larry Sinclair? Maybe he really is a Manchurian candidate? The man has no integrity and cannot be trusted with the most powerful office in the world. The brain dead zombies that voted for this ‘natural born’ liar are fools.

There is a certain irony that a tabloid publication like the Globe is the only place you can find the truth printed in the mainstream media these days. The CFR controlled media is trying to turn a dumbed down American population into another zombie nation that is easily manipulated to accomplish their goals.

2 Responses to Is Barack Obama a ‘Natural Born’ Liar?

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  2. Jeff says:

    Please please please tell me where I can buy a “FRAUD” poster with Obama on it!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

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