Barack Obama – Comrade in Chief

‘Nobody has confidence in this guy as commander in chief’

comrade-in-chiefA recent poll taken by the Army Times shows that 60% of military personnel question Obama’s ability to be our commander in chief. I would suspect the figures to be much higher. This guy has no qualifications to lead us in a time of war. But he did say “he wanted to join the military.” Yea, sure you did Barry – even that statement is most likely a lie. This is also the same guy that said in 2004 when the media were already drooling over him, “I believe in knowing what you are doing when you apply for a job.” Of coarse that turned out to be another Obama lie. It was just a pretense and a false humility and it is also a false statement. Not only was he planning to run but he knew he had no qualifications or experience.

This statement is right up there with his idiotic statement he gained foreign policy experience from living in Indonesia for four years as a child. Talk about trying to pad your resume. WTF is that even suppose to mean? But the brain dead media who have been in the tank for Obama since 2004 failed to even question this ridiculous statement.

Comrade in chief would be a more fitting title for this unqualified pretentious jackass. As a former Marine I gag at thought of this clown being our commander in chief. But that is what the Obama zombies voted for and unless we can get this “natural born liar” from Kenya thrown out of office that is what we are stuck with. How a guy gets promoted in just four years from an Alinsky “community organizer” to our Commander in Chief defies all reason and logic. But there you have it. America has officially lost it’s mind. I guess just because he’s black he rates it. I would say that because he is black, people are afraid to address the offense.

Military Poll Shows 6 Out of 10 Wary of Obama

3 Responses to Barack Obama – Comrade in Chief

  1. Brian McCandliss says:

    Obama is the nation’s federal executive, but has neither federal nor executive experience (and serving his first and only 2 years in the federal senate at the same time that he ran for president, hardly counts as “federal experience”). Only an idiot could vote for him, and yet 52% of American voters did just that– thus proving that the majority of Americans are now idiots.
    To reward their idiocy, Obama has literally bankrupted the country, since it’s now impossible for the economy to pay even the INTEREST on the national debt, once Obama’s program-debts are added to it. He is simply using credit-cards to pay his debts… like any short-term deadbeat. The only solution will be for the states to secede form the union, and charge off their respective portions of the national debt; this the only solution, and it is inevitable.

  2. Jake says:

    You’re a fucking moron.

  3. lindsey says:

    That adds up to 101%. Just saying.

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