Obamanomics “it’s going to get worse”

nopeFinally a word of truth from Obama.  I could have told you that a year ago! This is another perfect example of just how dishonest his election rhetoric really is. For the last year he has lambasted Bush and the Republicans for ruining the economy – as if the Democrats had nothing to do with the last 20 years of disastrous economic, trade and monetary policies. Now that he is assured he will occupy the office illegally he changes his rhetoric. The reality is that he has no real effective change nor does he understand the real nature of our economic troubles, unless you believe his current explanation that “he is the change.” The false hopes and promises and the silly little “yes, we can” slogans of his deceptive campaign just aren’t going to cut it anymore.

Faced with the reality that we are heading into a worldwide economic catastrophe he now sagely predicts “it’s going to get worse.” What an idiot. Meanwhile he continues the same failed policies of the CFR elite that got us into this mess. He is just a stooge for the New World Order. Volker, Rubin, Geitner, Summers and failed FED policies are not change. He plans to officially put the FED in charge of the US Treasury. They already looted everything we had. All we have left is debt. Their policies are what has destroyed America’s economic and industry. He will only accelerate our demise. He’s already backtracking on tax cuts for the rich. Like Bush, he is now saying big deficits don’t matter right now. He is now saying he will “save” or create 3 million jobs. He only said create when he was running for office, now he is going to save them. You can only  dig so many ditches you moron and somebody’s got to pay for all this government growth. You can’t spend your way out of a recession with money we don’t have. Under Obama our economic growth will now officially become government growth. Welcome to the New World Socialist Order of BHO.

Yes, Obamanomics is going to suck!!! Under his tutelage it will get a lot worse. By the time this idiot is done we have piled up another 20 trillion in national debt. That is some real change. The USA is being officially bankrupted by economic morons. 

Obama: Economy to get worse before it improves


Dec 7, 10:15 AM (ET)
By DAVID ESPOWASHINGTON (AP) – President-elect Barack Obama said the economy seems destined to get worse before it gets better and he pledged a recovery plan “that is equal to the task ahead.”

Obama also said in an interview broadcast Sunday that the survival of the domestic car-making capacity is important, yet any bailout must be “conditioned on an auto industry emerging at the end of the process that actually works.”

Less than six weeks before he takes office, Obama said that help for homeowners facing foreclosure is an option as part of his plan. He sidestepped a question about when he plans to raise taxes on wealthy Americans.

Obama’s interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” was his most extensive since winning the White House more than a month ago.

In the intervening weeks, the economy has showed clear signs of worsening. Employers said they eliminated more than 500,000 jobs in November alone and retailers reported disappointing holiday-season sales.

“The economy is going to get worse before it gets better,” he said twice in the early moments of the interview, taped Saturday in Chicago.


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