Can Obama still be president while he is in prison?

That might seem like a trite question but it could become a real possibility for Obama. His so called COLB (certificate of live birth) has been proven a photoshop fraud by two different digital forensic investigators. The first comprehensive report was published on Atlas Shrugged on July 20th.  The second report was published Nov 22nd by Dr. Polarik here. The evidence of tampering with this document is clear; but where are the reporters in the MSM? Their silence is an indictment of their own compromised complicity in the scam.

Obama as well has to be complicit in the fraud. It is a criminal act to defraud the American people and it is punishable by incarceration in a jailhouse. Or is Obama going to claim that because he is black he doesn’t need to go to prison? Public stocks would work fine for me. It is ironic that the same people that accused Bush of being a criminal have elected a criminal in his place. In fact his very election was criminal and fraudulent. So who really stole the election? Let the court proceedings begin.


Imaging guru: ‘Certification’ of birth time, location is fake
‘It would be hard to perform as president from behind jail cell door at Leavenworth’

Posted: December 01, 2008
10:20 pm Eastern    

By Bob Unruh
© 2008 WorldNetDaily


A guru on the “Certification of Live Birth” Barack Obama’s campaign posted online to rebut charges he is ineligible to be president due to the Constitution’s “natural born citizen” requirement says it’s a fake, and further, that such fraud is criminal.

The Obama campaign has told WND such allegations are “garbage,” but Dr. Ron Polarik, who holds a Ph.D. in instructional media specializing in computer technology such as printers, scanners and digital imaging, disagrees. His analyses have been posted online in a YouTube video, which also is embedded here:

He explained to WND his four months of research on the images, including nearly 1,000 test images using actual scans and photographs of real certifcates, reveal there are several “giveaways” on the image itself. For example, the document has gray and white between the lettering, not green pixels as the rest of the background document, suggesting someone cut-and-pasted or typed new information that was embedded on top of the background.

Where’s the proof Barack Obama was born in the U.S. and thus a “natural born American” as required by Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution? If you still want to see it, sign WND’s petition demanding the release of his birth certificate.

Also, Polarik said although the Obama form has a border and seal from 2008, it purportedly was obtained in 2007. He said the seal does not match seals on other documents from 2007, but does match those from 2008. His full report is posted

In Polarik’s view, there has to be a significant reason for a political candidate and campaign to go to such lengths.

“Obviously, there’s something very critical to hide, or they wouldn’t have spent the million dollars in legal fees to prevent the release of his original birth certificate,” Polarik told WND.

“There’s absolutely something to hide,” he said. “If he was born in Hawaii they would have had a luau that would be continuing today.

“Not that the people who voted for him would care,” he said, “but they used this forged document to convince the American voters.

“It’s a scary thought to have someone who essentially begins his presidency as a criminal,” he said, because the use of a faked document as identification is, in fact, a crime, he noted.

“It would be hard to perform as president from behind jail cell door at Leavenworth,” he said.

The video has Polarik’s face and voice disguised and he confirmed in talking with WND that he’s using an assumed name because of the threats he’s reported receiving.

Polarik said the issue of the birth location is a “chink” in Obama’s armor, but the Democrat also has declined to release information about his college years, about his selective service and about his passports, including on what nation’s passport he traveled to Pakistan two decades ago when it was illegal to go there as a U.S. citizen.

Polarik describes his findings and conclusions on the video.




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