Is CFR selected President Obama Gay?

obama-beach-photoThere is nothing like a good sex scandal to elevate the national dialogue about our newly selected CFR puppet president!

Larry Sinclair says he is gay and he had sex with him while doing cocaine in the back of a Limo in Chicago in 1999 while he was a State Senator. Is Obama going to be even worse than Bill Clinton? Will he be hanging out in Barney Franks basement?

Actually I think that would technically make him a bisexual. I’m not sure that is the kind of change Americans voted for. And goodness me, is Michelle going to pull the old Hillary reaction. “It’s another vast right wing conspiracy.” Ha! Will Michelle stand by her gay man?

It’s bad enough that he is born in Kenya and a Marxist but now he’s gay to??? I think people have the right to know and someone should ask him at his next press conference. “President elect Obama, uh… are you gay? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” That would be fun!

BTW have you noticed that he has no hair in his beach photo. That is typical behaviour of gay guys. They have their hair removed. Ya freakin’ weirdos. I guess one of them has to pretend like he’s the girl.

Lets see how the Democrats play this one. “It’s just lying about sex, everybody does it.” “What happens between two consenting adults in the privacy of a limousine is a personal matter.” “It doesn’t rise to the level of impeachment.”

Of coarse the ugliest part of this story is the Obama connection to Donald Young, the openly gay choir director at Trinity Church who is reputed to be one of Obama’s former gay lovers. Is that a coincidence. Would somebody murder this guy just to keep the story covered up about Obama? Apparently three gay guys from the church were murdered during the same time period. Would they do that to make it look like some serial murderer? It sounds like the Clintons all over again. No much change at all. 

Here is Larry’s blogspot. He has a lot of good info about Obama. Conveniently this story did not see the light of day during the campaign. The Obama media totally suppressed it. I have to wonder why it is coming out now. Perhaps the Clintons are trying to destroy him. That would put Biden in control and Hillary could end up VP still.

Newest Globe Magazine Hits Stand: Obama is Fuming

      In the newest edition of the Globe magazine that is hitting the newstands today (Friday in some markets), the Larry Sinclair story is front page news, and sources are saying that the “protectors” of the President-elect, and even Obama himself, are fuming.

     The Globe is reporting that a book by Larry Sinclair will be detailing his relationship with Barack Obama, the President-elect’s drug usage with Sinclair (and perhaps even more recent), Obama’s ties to Donald Young (TUCC’s Choir Director) and his subsequent murder, and the attempts by the Obama team to stop Sinclair’s story during the campaign. Reports of the tell-all book have made their way to Obama, and he is said to be seething that this matter has not been “resolved”.


From the Globe:

Obama Bombshell

THE Barack Obama gay sex scandal has exploded as the man at the center of the controversy levels the shocking new accusation he’s been marked for death by people who want to silence him. Larry Sinclair, who claims he was the candidate’s lover – and witnessed him smoking crack – also levels other shocking charges. This week’s GLOBE tells Sinclair’s sensational story, reveals new gay rumors – and how Obama’s friend Oprah Winfrey is reacting to the controversy.


Obama’s Outrage!


PRESIDENT-elect Barack Obama is furious over a shocking new book that claims to reveal his sex and drug secrets – and link him to a murder – political insiders say in a stunning GLOBE world exclusive. Find out who is blowing the whistle on America’s next commander-in-chief and why the author’s bombshells could wreck the inauguration. It’s must reading for every American!


Obama remained cool headed during his historic run for the White House shrugging off every nasty attack. But sources close to Obama now say he is incensed by the book and labels it as a “vicious and hurtful attempt to taint” the incoming president.

“Barack Obama is absolutely livid about this book,” reveals a Beltway insider. “He says its all a bunch of crap and he wants it to go away.”

“This inauguration is not only important to the nation, it’s important to the entire world,” noted the insider. “We don’t want to see Larry Sinclair’s outrageous words take away from that one bit.”

“…sources say Obama’s wife Michelle is equally upset by the

Now people close to the President-elect declare “it’s time for Sinclair to stop making his lurid allegations and forget about writing a book.” “Enough is enough,” blasts the insider. “Our country is in trouble right now and we don’t need this nonsense.” But Sinclair says he has no plans to scrap his book.

4 Responses to Is CFR selected President Obama Gay?

  1. Jamie Holts says:

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  2. Jenny says:

    this is ridiculous. why are people trusting this random guy who claims these things? if someone were to just say, oh well i had sex with McCain would people automatically believe them?? there’s no reason this mans claims should be taken into any account!

  3. Orlin Kvasir says:

    I think Obama is an idiot, but I can’t 100% believe a story coming from a grocery store tabloid; however, I do look forward to being entertained watching our upcoming “president” deal with this situation. Should be fun.

  4. I have supplied research for so called grocery store tabloids, and my research was not fraudulent. There have been whispers about obama since he was a community activist.

    Funny how liberals tell us to respect all gay people and their choices, as we should. But, they get angry if one suggests Obama is gay or Bi sexual. Why would this anger them?

    Could it be that liberals are not as tolerant as they want us to believe they are?

    Why are gay rights groups not outing Obama? hmmm, interesting how they protect their liberal own.

    Much like feminists protected Bill Clinton?

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