Joel Skousen – World Affairs Brief

onegiantleapIf Wednesday’s massive media celebration of Barack Obama’s life was any indication, this country is in for a propaganda blitz like nothing we have seen since the death of JFK. This young, ever-smiling and well spoken Marxist Senator, newly elected as the nation’s forty-fourth president by a majority of 8 million votes, was presented as the nation’s new idol and rock star with nary a flaw to be found. His equally radical wife Michele was presented as the perfect, humble and principled First Lady. There was no mention by the press of their rocky marriage, her early racial badmouthing of America, nor of her husband, his homosexual liaisons, nor his background at the feet of Marxist mentors as he rose through the ranks of emerging socialist parties and Leftist community action organizations. Neither was there any mention of the evidence of his birth in Kenya and the carefully crafted fraud that his mother perpetrated in Hawaii, falsely certifying that her son was born there. Most importantly, there was no mention of the mystery surrounding who sponsored his way through his expensive university education at Harvard (records sealed) and who made him wealthy through a serious of insider trading deals, who facilitated his purchase of a multi-million dollar home, and which political insiders paved his way to his come-from-nowhere election as a US Senator. One thing is for sure: It wasn’t his impoverished Marxist mentors. Clearly, at some point, the establishment decided to use this young black activist for their purposes and he accepted those terms. His swooning followers are destined to be profoundly disappointed in their hopes that Barack Obama is going to bring fundamental change to this nation. Just as the current Democratic Congress has done nothing to stop or overturn the Bush Neocon agenda, neither will Barack Obama. He will, however, give this nation the biggest leap in socialist redistribution and benefits since globalist George Bush masqueraded as a conservative. Hold on to your hat and your wallet. This is going to be a wild ride.


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