Picture of naked Tamerlane Tsarnaev arrested and alive in Boston police car

April 24, 2013
Tamerlane arrested alive

Tamerlane arrested alive

Here is a screen shot from a video on YouTube showing Tamerlane being put into a police car alive. There is also a witness that was interviewed that says she saw them run over him with an SUV and then shoot him. The FBI tried to say he was run over by his brother. So it appears to me that DHS, FDI, ATF and the Boston police are just a bunch of liars and murderers. And that includes the Israelis involved in this false flag operation as well. They captured him alive and then they killed him.

His aunt has declared that she is 100% certain that is him in the video. It certainly looks like the same guy to me. The cops are silent about who this was. At what point are people going to realize they can’t be trusted anymore?

His brother Dzhokar managed to escape and later when they finally found him they tried to kill him in an all out Turkey shoot at the boat he was hiding in. There is no proof he fired at them or threw grenades as was reported in the news. There is no indication he even had a weapon. This video shows the police opening fire in an attempt to murder him. Police video shows him lying in the boat and not moving as they shoot flashbangs at him. I think they thought he was dead. I guess they are really poor shots. The kid was tougher than they anticipated.

He has a future of drugs, heavy sedation and mind control to contend with now as he is in the care of MOSSAD operative’s in Beth Israel hospital.

This is Obama’s new Zionist police state. Trial by media accusation and execution by SWAT goons. Soon they will employ theri killer drones. Bush started this crap but Obama is putting the finishing touches on the police state run by the Zionist DHS KGB. Think Israel is our friend? Think again.

But this story is absurd right from the start. The FBI releases their photos and asks the public to help them find these suspects. Turns out the FBI knew exactly who they were and had been in contact with the elder brother for at least 5 years. So they knew who they were and they set them up for a public manhunt and execution Chris Dorner style. Tag and bag ’em. They lied to the American people so they could kill their patsies. I suspect the police made up the murder and carjacking stories to justify the “lockdown” and “manhunt.”

I don’t personally believe either of these two had anything to do with the bombings. I do think they got sucked into a setup or trap where they thought they were assisting the FBI in the bomb drill they were having right were the first bomb went off. I can’t prove anything at this point accept that the FBi is lying. Which I have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt in any reasonable person’s mind. That being said there is much more evidence of their complicity and lying that is available at other fine truth centered reporters on the Internet.

I thought two points were very telling about Dzhokar. The first is his tweet a few hours after the bombing.I don’t believe this a communication from some heartless terrorist that just hurt innocent people. It shows me he cares and he knows something but he wants people to be safe.

Stay safe people

The second is this facebook posting. It really speaks for itself and there is little I can add to it. He says he was setup. He is sorry. He says he never done it. Now they are saying in the news he admitted it before he was read his miranda rights. Well all they have done is lie and murder people so far. They have no credibility. He has more credibility that the police does.


last facebook posting

last facebook posting

I will post one last photo which shows how the media assists our lying government in their lies. This collage contains a hand drawn pictures of the shoot out at the boat. Except there was no shootout at the boat. They tried to shoot him. But they feel the need to embellish it with some hand drawn artwork of their fanciful tales. The police video shows him lying in the boat. It does not show him shooting at them at all. And if you watch the video I linked it would be impossible to return any kind of fire under that hail of lead.



The conclusion of this made for TV reality show was the idiots in Boston getting out on the streets and celebrating their emancipation from the enslavement by the police state. Waving their false flags at their captures in a traumatized release of a Stockholm syndrome. Brainwash experts call it trauma based mind control. What a pathetic state of affairs America is in for. This is just the beginning – not the end. I said Obama would destroy America and he is.

Newt Gingrich says Government Should Allow Terror Attacks

December 6, 2011

In the video our good friend Newt Gingrich reveals how he would conduct a war of terror on the American people.
Apparently there is some disagreement among the Illuminati on just how this war should be conducted, this is apparently his point of view.

1. He would allow the terrorists to attack us so we will appreciate more the government efforts to protect us.
2. He would recommend 10 to 12 sniper teams attack all at once to paralyze the nation with fear.
3. He would create a top secret FBI counter terrorism dept. – that is above the law.

Does anybody see a problem with this? Newt is speaking for the whole apparatus of terror which the US government has become a sponsor of. It shows me they did allow 9/11 so they could impose a terror police state on the US. Newt is just shooting off his mouth trying to impress people but in his vanity he is revealing the method that the US government uses to terrorize its own people into submission. They want us all cowering beneath our desks so they can control us.

Newt is so smart? I don’t think so.

Eye of Newt, and toe of frog,
Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting,
Lizard’s leg, and howlet’s wing,
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

-Shakespeare’s Macbeth

The Two Faces of Newt Gingrich

November 30, 2011

“I have an enormous political ambition,” Gingrich told the Washington Post. “I want to shift the entire planet and I’m doing it.”

Well, you can now stick a fork in Herman “grabass” Cain because he is done. Next in line is the resurrected Newt Gingrich. Happily married (finally) and newly converted to Catholicism which I understand absolves him of all his past sins that he never admitted, he appears to be the new darling of the NeoCon dominated Republican party. Drudge devotes a headline a day to Newt now. Who said you can’t put lipstick on a pig?

I call Gingrich a CFR conservative. He is the ultimate in contradictions. While he is still a family values hypocrite – what is really troubling is his allegiance to the CFR ideas of a one world government. These are a complete contradiction of conservative ideas. They are NeoConservative. This was clear when he embraced the CFR inspired NAFTA plan and in spite of the lack of support for it from both parties, pushed it through Congress for Bill Clinton. We now see Clinton paying him back with his recent endorsement.

So Newt, where are the jobs and prosperity then? NAFTA was suppose to usher in a new age of prosperity for the US and Mexico. In reality it was just a CFR pan to transfer wealth from America to Mexico. I think most of it went to Slim Carlos. I can still hear what Ross Perot called “the sucking sound” of jobs and factories heading south of the border.

Newt shows himself to be a two faced “world without borders” advocate as well. From Creating A New Civilization we have the following:

“Poets and intellectuals of Third Wave states sing the virtues of a “borderless” world and “planetary consciousness.”

Nationalism is the new dirty word for the Zionist elite. While Newt vies for the vote of the anti-illegal immigration crowd he also calls for a borderless world. Do you see the two faces of Newt yet? While he calls for restrictions on illegal immigration and securing the border now, he was an advocate for NAFTA, the one piece of legislation that disrupted the fragile Mexican agrarian based economy and drove millions of illegals north of the border looking for work and jobs. NAFTA flooded Mexico with subsidized corn from US farmers. The result was it put all the small Mexican corn farmers out of business – as they had already done to US small farms. So he creates the problem or at the minimum throws fuel on the fire and then pretends that now he’s the solution to the problem that he created. The two faces of Newt.

This article shows just how immersed he is in the concepts of a one world government, the New World Order and Zionist ideas on how to control the world. Alvin and Heidi Toffler (Zionist Jews) enlisted the endorsement of Gingrich and the three set forth this plan in the volume, Creating A New Civilization.

Gingrich wrote the foreword for this book. In the volume is the troubling statement about dismantling the Constitution and creating a new “third wave civilization” – semantics aside – a Zionist run New World Order. Here we see the real Newt Gingrich. He is a chameleon agent of the CFR masquerading as a real Republican ‘conservative’. Gone are the family values of the old con man. Welcome to his “third wave civilization” and what he now calls “new family styles.” Whatever the f**k that is.

“The Constitution of the United States needs to be reconsidered and altered…to create a whole new structure of government… Building a Third Wave civilization on the wreckage of Second Wave institutions involves the design of new, more appropriate political structures… The system that served us so well must, in its turn, die and be replaced.” –Creating A New Civilization

Did I mention that Ron Paul has none of these flaws? Incidentally today Ron Paul released a great video showing some of Newts two faces on other issues not covered here. I can truthfully say that before I voted against Newt I voted for him. While I have learned how not to be fooled by Newt again many Republicans are showing a much slower learning curve.

His Holiness of Hypocrites?

A big shout out to Texe Marrs for revealing this new face of Newt. You need to read his article to see an in depth analysis the serpentine mind in Newt.

“Battlefield” USA: Senate bill turns military on U.S. citizens

November 30, 2011

The Senate voted down the Udall amendment today. So legally they can put your ass in military detention now – indefinitely – without recourse to our legal system and basic rights. This includes the occupy protestors arrested as you are now a terrorist if you do not submit to the power of the state. The Senators did not stand up for our rights – are you surprised? I am not. This was led by McCain and Levin. you might think I’m overreacting but when the the US Senate passes a bill that allows the military to lock you up – then that is a serious violation of Posse Comitatus Act and basic American civil rights.

Is this what 9/11 was really all about? We are fighting and dying for freedom in Iraq, Afghanistan and apparently now where ever they want now but losing it here at home to a military police state mentality. Misdirecting our attention overseas in wars of aggression while they take our rights away here at home one at a time. Was 9/11 a justification for making war on the world?

You have to ask yourself, why would they pass something like this? What are they afraid of? That the American people will finally wake up and realize we’ve been had? That they ruined our economy and money intentionally to turn us in debt slaves of the state? We are not a free country. We don’t really have an elected representative government anymore. They game the election system so their guys are always elected.

Will we be fighting our own government in a civil war like you see in Libya, Egypt and Syria? It appears they anticipate this scenario and they have given themselves the legal authority to turn the military on it’s own citizens. If you resist the New World Order and the march to the totalitarianism (that they now call democracy) then you can be incarcerated indefinitely without the legal recourse to rights guaranteed by the US Constitution.

All because of 9/11 and the Patriot Act. Can you see how they would inflict this abuse on America and their own citizens? Americans citizens are like sexually abused children that have been intentionally abused and traumatized by their own government. This trauma makes them pliable in the hands of our leaders. Americans live in fear and are cowed into submission by “terror”. We are in fact terrorized by our own government – economically and otherwise. This is intentionally inflicted on the nation to make it submit to the power of the state. Trauma based fear is a powerful tool in the psychology of control. Combine it with the manipulation of patriotic emotions and you have a war happy nation with a finger on the trigger that is equal to the Germans in WWII. Today our nation will justify any atrocity or war crime it commits in Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya. The crimes we commit in the name of freedom are immense. We justify it and call it a war on terror. Well – It’s a war of terror inflicted on the US and the world.

Resistance is futile – you must obey. This why Newt Gingrich endorses replacing the US Constitution: He wrote the forward to the book that advocates this radical departure from our past. The passage below is from the book.

The Constitution of the United States needs to be reconsidered and altered…to create a whole new structure of government… Building a Third Wave civilization on the wreckage of Second Wave institutions involves the design of new, more appropriate political structures… The system that served us so well must, in its turn, die and be replaced.

The Republicans won’t save us and neither will Obama – the benevolent dictator.

Obama raises Al Qeada’s flag over Bengazi

October 31, 2011

“From the halls of Montezuma to shores of Tripoli” – Marine Hymn

Obama, Dear Leader, Nobel Peace Prize winner and our very own Rat in Chief has raised the flag of his beloved Al Qaeda “rats” over Benghazi. He proudly proclaimed “this is a recipe for success.” It is a fitting tribute to man with no courage, no honor, no integrity and no real leadership abilities. His only real gift is in reading from a teleprompter and practicing his simplistic Jedi mind tricks on America and the world. According to recent polls and an astounding number of Americans (43%) still fall for this nonsense.

While the brainwashed Americans mouth the words of hate put in their simpleton minds by the media programmers, they fail to realize just how far America has fallen. It is true that the women dragged Obama to this war, and in his emasculated state he is just as guilty as they are. He wasted no time seizing the day, proclaiming it a great victory for freedom and for Libya. But at what price? The reality is, this is the lowest moral depravity that America has sunk to in its 200 year history.

It did not achieve this goal by pure numbers although the Libyan casualties of this undeclared war are great. Under a UN no-fly resolution, innocent men, women and children are killed by a merciless NATO bombing campaign and the NATO Al Qaeda ground troops performed their bloody work as well. Genghis Khan would be proud of the combined armed forces of NATO and Al Qaeda – it was truly a scorched earth policy. They might as well have launched diseased bodies into the city from catapults. A bloody trail of rape, murder, racial killings of blacks and headless sacrifices lead across the desert. Even now they uncover mass graves in Sirte left by our new allies, the Al Qaeda rats. None of this would be possible without the US leading the way. And who will be tried for these crimes? Who will be brought to justice? Al Qaeda? Obama? Clinton? The little french shit Sarkozy?

The final insult to my intelligence and it should be to every American is arming, training, and supporting with NATO air power, the Al Qeada rats. Even they admit that without NATO there was no victory for them. How does anyone justify this? Are Americans completely ignorant? Don’t they know these very same rats led LIFG fighters in Iraq that killed Americans soldiers with relish? And now Obama makes them our allies? They raised the Al Qaeda flag over the Benghazi courthouse and declared that Sharia law will rule in the new Libya. Gaddafi would have destroyed these rats in Bengazi had not NATO intervened. Now we have put them in the seat of power and called it democracy? Are you kidding me? How did America get so twisted?

When I started this blog I knew it was going to be bad, but I did not realize the level of depravity America could sink. Bush was bad but Obama is far worse. Even I am shocked at the mindless brutality America has embraced and called liberation and democracy. This undeclared war is the beginning of an era of a Dictator that has installed himself in power in America and knows no rule of law. He violates the US constitution. He violates international law and he violates common sense and decency. He treats Congress like a convenient rubber stamp for his bloody deeds and they roll over like a $50 whore. They called Gaddafi a ruthless dictator but I have yet to see any evidence produced of his deeds. I have seen the evidence of Obama’s bloody dictatorship. I have seen his bloody handiwork in Libya, this Nobel Peace prize winner. When he is done blood will run in streets. “The days will come when they will call a murderer a man of peace” and “Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.”

A Satanic orgy of war and murder and killing is on the horizon. If you celebrated Gaddafi’s death you ought to be ashamed of yourself for you are a participant in the bloody deed and just as guilty. His blood is on America’s hands and we as a nation will pay a terrible price for this crime. This is how America creates terrorists. This is how America destroys the free world. This is why the good people in Libya hate America now. We destroyed their country and freedom they had. Libya is in shambles because of NATO bombs and Al Qaeda rats. America has degenerated into a hypocritical nation of murderers who are morally and financially bankrupt. That is what America has become and we want to impose this system of slavery and debt on Libya and tell them they are free? Apparently they are not free to make their own choice because they overwhelmingly supported Gaddafi, no matter what you may think of him. What a crime against humanity. The real free people of world despise America and what it has become – and with good reason.

update 10/12/2012

Thank you for the comment. The western world has fallen for the demonize Qaddafi propaganda routine. That people feel this way is understandable as I myself did until I began to investigate the facts surrounding the two incidents used to attack him. Perhaps 95 percent of Americans feel this way and this is due solely to western propaganda. A closer examination of the facts shows him to be a person of superior quality than almost all western leaders. He was not a terrorist, he did not bomb the disco in Berlin which was a MOSSAD operation to blame him and used as a justification by Reagan for attacking Libya. Victor Ostrovsky revealed this secret operation in his book about the MOSSAD. Qaddafi did not order the bombing of Pan Am flight 103, another CIA operation where Scottish police have admitted they were paid by the CIA to lie about finding the evidence used to convict him. That appears to been an Iranian operation which used a CIA drug smuggling ring to get even with the US Navy over the shooting down of a civilian airliner over the gulf which killed about 300 Iranians in 1988. USS Vincennes downed a civilian airliner in violation of all international laws. So who is the real terrorist?

He took care of his country and his people to far greater degree than any western leader. His green revolution shows many advanced ideas that are an improvement over our American faux democracy. Certainly he is leagues ahead of Obama, Bush, Clinton and even Reagan who perpetuated and really began the attacks on Qaddafi based on pure CIA MOSSAD lies. Reagan had no justification for attacking him and perhaps he believed the CIA/MOSSAD lies as well. Ollie North the perpetual NeoCon liar, headed up the Qaddafi sheep dipping dept at the White House during the Reagan years. So I believe that was a very good person who ended up with a knife stuck up his ass by the Zionist run west while Hilary laughed about it. That says more about the moral corruption of the west than it does about Qaddafi. The west used Muslim extremists to destroy a peaceful successful prosperous country in the name of democracy. They used the same extremists that were killing US soldiers in Iraq. McCain called these guys freedom fighters. Now they killed the US ambassador. Mission accomplished? The entire western world was wrong in attacking him and though you may call it sanctification I call it trying to set the record straight.

Obama, Do You Know Right From Wrong?

October 26, 2011

“Murder most foul” – Hamlet

The other night Dear Leader Obama goes on Leno and states, “Not a single U.S. troop was on the ground,” he said. “Not a single U.S. troop was killed or injured, and that, I think, is a recipe for success in the future.” Yes and Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

So let me see if I have this right. We are fighting a War on (or of) Terror against Islamic fundamentalists. Some say they are greatest threat to our freedom on earth. We are killing Islamic fundamentalists in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Yemen and any place else the Global Hawk can reach. No trial or evidence needed, just summary execution by the invisible hand of American justice. Bush said, “we will bring them to justice”, which apparently means an Air Force computer operator in Reno, Nevada presses a kill button. In the process we’ve made war and destroyed the infrastructure of three sovereign countries and killed millions of innocent people and we call it “liberation.”

In 2003 the west welcomed Moammar with open arms. At last Gaddafi thought he had some help from the west as he had been fighting Islamic fundamentalists since the early ’90s. Condaleeza Rice visited him, Sarkozy borrowed millions from Moammar to win his election, Tony Blair was his favorite go to guy in the UK – up to his neck in oil deals – for no personal gain of coarse. He thought of Obama as his African son. Now in 2011 he is again the bad man of the world. He was “Saddamized” by the western media as they did their best to portray him as a “brutal dictator.” Apparently that is the new code word for a legal media lynching.

We armed, financed and trained the Islamic fundamentalists in Benghazi and Misrata that Gaddafi was fighting. They start an uprising and foment armed rebellion that we call a “democratic awakening” and John McCain embraces them as “my heroes.” They are now called rebels by the west – the same fighters that killed US soldiers in Iraq. They are in effect NATO ground troops now. LIFG (Libyan Islamic Fighter Group) terrorists have been transformed into freedom fighters and patriots that liberate their country from the “brutal dictator” – Moammar Gaddafi. They leave a bloody trail of executions and looting from Benghazi to Sirte that is easy to follow. Beheading their live victims is still the favorite form of ritual murder and they take a particular interest in killing blacks. Apparently they do this to glorify God – McCain’s heroes.

By what magic has this transformation occurred? How did Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain transform yesterdays blood thirsty terrorists, worthy of summary execution in some other country into today’s heros of liberation in Libya? Are these terrorists our new allies in the War of Terror? I’m genuinely confused. If my friends and I in the US decide to overthrow the real criminal cabal in Washington and on Wall St. – will we be embraced as “heroes and liberators?” If we drag the FED and Wall St. bankers through the street and beat them and then kill them – will we be heroes? In one country they are a terrorist and in another they are the new heroes of democracy. If American patriots really take our country back from the corporations, will we be patriots or terrorists? Will we be embraced as heroes or will they call on NATO – to chastise us? Will they bomb us back to the Stone age and call it “saving civilian lives” and liberation? Will they use Blackwater “mercs” to silence us for good? Will they send in black ops and special forces from the SAS and Qatar to track us down and coordinate air strikes? Will they even bother with a UN resolution or will they just go for it?

Gaddafi was confused by this too. He trusted the west, turned over his WMD’s to Bush, delayed upgrading his missile air defense system and long range weapons. He was a man of peace. The leaders of the west that had embraced him as a friend and ally were again trying to kill him – just like Reagan did. Beware western friends bearing gifts. Does anybody else in the west see this utter hypocrisy? Do you think the west might be after the spoils of war? The black oil, the precious blue water of the Sahara, the 144 tons of gold. Do you think that influenced their decision to “liberate” and “protect” Libyan civilians from a “brutal dictator?” To change the very definition of who a terrorist is. This is how America earns new international respect again? This is the action of a Nobel Peace Prize winner – Obama?

McCain’s “heroes” beat a wounded Moammar Gaddafi, sodomized him with some sort of stick and then shot him in the head like a pack of blood thirsty dogs. Moammar’s last recorded words to the “NATO rats” were, “Do you know right from wrong?” I would address the same question to people in the so called free west.  They do not seem to know right from wrong anymore. Many seem to enjoy this macabre spectacle of betrayal and butchery – especially Hillary and Huma. They justify it because they say Moammar was a “brutal dictator” and he deserved it. I did not see Moammar’s brutality here. I saw the brutality of America, the UK, France, NATO and the terrorist rats they used to kill Gaddafi. Libya is a testament to the west’s deception, brutality, treachery and moral corruption and soon it will be a testament to their thievery as they eye the 200 billion of sovereign wealth funds Libya had invested around the world. What has happened to the free west? They do not seem to know the difference between right and wrong anymore. In his final moments, it appears Moammar Gaddafi did. It appears to me that our leaders are the real brutal murderers and terrorists.

With friends like this who needs enemies?

Hilary shares a smile with Huma. She is elated at the news of Gaddafi's death.

Do you think the Rothschild bankers had anything to do with liberating Libya?

Obama kills Osama – the CIA made boogie man

May 1, 2011

Nice to hear our Nobel Peace Prize winner finally killed the big CIA boogie man Osama. Since Osama has been dead for years, I wonder why the best CIA asset ever is being announced as dead now at 10:30PM on a Sunday night? You couldn’t wait until tomorrow? I suspect that this is another desperate propaganda attempt to get the American people to rally behind this fraud.

What a friggin’ joke. Who is so dumb as to still be jerked around by this bullshit? This is about as convincing as his last forged birth certificate.

This is suppose to be pic of Obama’s mentor – Zbignew Brzezinski with Osama. Not sure if it is Osama but it might as well be. He was a CIA asset and part of Zbig’s plan to destabilize Afghanistan and the Middle East with Islamic fundamentalism which began in the late 1970’s. They are at it again in Libya, where Gaddafi is the new Saddam and we are now supporting the same Al Qaeda fanatic terrorists that were killing US troops in Iraq a few years ago.

Al Qaeda comes from a CIA term the base, which refers to all their fundamentalist moron MK ultra brainwashed assets. It literally refers to the data base of all these nuts. From this they built the core of their fledgling “terrorist” movement. This culminated with 9/11 and became their excuse for imposing a Zionist police state on America. A CIA MOSSAD Zionist plan. Murdering Americans as an excuse to terrorize Americans and create a police state. Who is the real boogie man here? Osama or Obama?